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ER0003 - 20x9mm Arched Ear Wire (72 pcs) - NOW STRONGER

Product Description:
Gauge: 22g hardened wire
Metal type: Natural Brass

THIS EARWIRE HAS BEEN REVAMPED AND STENGTHENED!! NOW WITH MORE STRENGTH AND MORE SPRING.This item is an essential for earrings. Use Vintaj ear wire to finish your Vintaj jewelry with a distinctive flair and uniform look. Our Nickel-Free Brass ear wires are great for those with sensitivities to metal.

Incorporate this into a project! Not only are these wonderful beading jewelry components, but they're perfect for embellishing other projects too! See our most recent projects designed using this product by clicking on one of the Project Ideas and Techniques featured on this page. Or visit the Idea Gallery to discover more great ideas, tips, techniques and inspiration for using this item!

This product is also available in retail packaging.
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