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P420 - 58x35mm Large Ornate Door Frame (14 pcs)

Product Description:
Gauge: 26 (AWG)
Metal type: Natural Brass
Can this product be Deco Embossed and Deco Etched? YES

This item is part of our Altered Series. Our artfully designed Altered Series achieves a weather-worn appearance, emulating dramatic aging through unique conditions. The appearance of each piece is unique and may not be uniform.

Vintaj Doorway blanks sets are perfect for personalization: emboss patterns, letter stamp, add patina, rivet accents, etc.

Pair with P421 - 58x17.5mm Large Ornate Door. Simply jump ring the doors to the door frame and hinge together with JR30 - 5mm Smooth 18ga Jump Rings.

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