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TSPW0056 - Vintaj Solid Brass Wire 26 GA (120 ft)

Product Description: This Vintaj Solid Brass wire, is the perfect complement to Vintaj Vogue jewelry findings. It is a rich, solid gold-tone brass wire that has the perfect blend of alloys to reproduce that beautiful "gold" look in your pieces. It's soft temper, and because it's untreated and uncoated, it will patina over time, or you can add your own surface treatments! We recommend this for a multitude of projects, including wire wrapped pendants.

Incorporate this into a project! Not only is our wire a wonderful accent for your jewelry designs, it's also perfect for embellishing other projects too! See our most recent projects designed using this product by visiting the Idea Gallery to discover more great ideas, tips, techniques and inspiration for using this item!

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UPC Code:813375012116
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