Mother/Daughter Valentine Creative Session

We had a great time Friday afternoon at our Valentine themed creative session. The girls designed beautiful, colorful and extremely creative bracelets & necklaces. Here are some pics from our studio session; including yummy treats, fun tools & supplies, and their projects in the works! Look at those pink & red cupcakes and all the cool supplies and fun decorations Betsy set up for us! We had fun creating together… embossing, painting, inking, riveting & beading! Get crafty today and make your loved ones something special ~ Happy Valentines Day!
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3 Responses to Mother/Daughter Valentine Creative Session

  1. Jeanne says:

    Ainsley and I had lots of fun. Thanks girls!

  2. Rose says:

    The Nobles had fun too, even though Corrina left her beads there and we had to pick them up on Saturday. She was excited to grab some chocolate pretzels and cupcakes for the ride home and forgot her beads.

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