Step-by-Step Tutorial: Feather Earrings

Feathers have been a very popular design element for many crafting projects this year… especially in jewelry! Layer beautiful Pheasant Almond Feathers for a colorful & full look. Accent with Arte Metal Delicate Leaf charms for added dimension. Create a pair of your own beautiful delicate feather earrings in 6 easy steps. . .
Click center of image to view full screen! To visit the Vintaj ISSUU page for some of our past tutorials.
Make these fun earrings, all the supplies at Hobby Lobby stores or their online shop! Vintaj Arte Metal & Natural Brass jewelry findings are 25% off this week at Hobby Lobby! * expires Saturday, November 26 2011 Happy Designing!
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3 Responses to Step-by-Step Tutorial: Feather Earrings

  1. Waoo,,its super cute & seems easy to do
    Thanks for sharing the DIY :)

  2. Dana says:

    Great tutorial I love your site, I also make feather earrings and just loved this post and your blog, Thanks


  3. Dogpackmomma says:

    Thanks for the fine tutorial – I want to try this with my Royal Palm Turkey feathers! Happy Trails!

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