Vintage Meadow Artworks & Vintaj Giveaway

Time to play to win! Visualize yourself walking through a meadow picking wildflowers, now envision yourself walking through a meadow picking 3 Vintaj floral elements to use with Vintage Meadow Artworks Art Beads to build a bracelet! Then tell us what technique you would use to make your bracelet unique.

Here’s an example: “I would use the Foliage Bead Cap, the Tall Flower Stencil and the Beaded Flower, hammered for a rustic feel. I would use all yellow flowers (because that is my favorite color) and Agate Patina to highlight the divets in the hammered metal.”

The contest is open from Tuesday May 29 until Midnight on Thursday May 31, the winner will be announced on Friday June 1. Please leave your comments on this blog post, anything left on our Facebook page will not be entered.

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24 Responses to Vintage Meadow Artworks & Vintaj Giveaway

  1. Stephanie says:

    I would use the locket and lucite flowers I make a bracelet that holds my children’s photo.It would be a unique one of a kind keepsake.

  2. Leilani says:

    I would use the tall flower stencil in that lovely peach/green and some beaded flowers in lavender and blue-greens along with some Vintaj brass leaves and butterfly charms. I would also mix in some real gemstone beads, pink and aqua chalcedony, to give it some weight. I would then finish it with a beautiful clasp, like the swooping bird with a toggle. I don’t think I would patina, it might detract from the lovely soft colors of the floral beads and stones. I would then hang some of the aqua and pink foliage bead caps off the clasp for some movement.

  3. Lisa DeBoest says:

    To make my bracelet, I envision a charms hanging from 10mm round link chain. I’d alternate the Vintage Meadow flowers and leaves with Round Flower Stencil, 20mm Sunflower Motif, and 16.5mm Filigree Sunflowers. I’d use alcohol inks to mottle the brass, using coordinating the colors with the colors of the acrylic….I see oranges and pinks and peaches…..ahhh!

  4. I would pick the small green flowers along with the filigree leaf. I would also dangle some small Vintaj ball spacers. Accent beads of crystals would complete this bracelet.

  5. Janny says:

    I would use the large butterfly as the center of the bracelet intertwining tiny light Tanzanite beads and light opaque Amazonite beads. Connecting three strands on each side of the butterfly. Each strand its own color. I would choose pearlized seed beads, Rose Quartz and green Czech glass. There would also be green and purple flowers with the pink leaf on one side of the butterfly, hanging a tad bit loose for some movement. The whole bracelet would connect by a brass leaf and key clasp. I can’t forget the dangling charm! For that I would layer a pink trumpet flower, smaller green flower and then a small round Tanzanite.

  6. I love the combination of the Vintaj elements with those gorgeous flowers. I think I would make a charm bracelet using Vintaj chain. On it, I would attach the small butterfly charm, the heart/bird locket, the small leaf, and the pink flowers. All of this to create a romantic meadow feel.

  7. Annette says:

    I would crochet a long green string, wind it around thread and put the flowers and butterfly in between so as it seems that they emerge from grass.

  8. Briana Barron says:

    I think the green and purple flower beads along with Vintaj’s butterfly filigree, leaf charms and leaf toggle clasp would create an unique necklace. To bring further interest to the piece I’d use the Victorian Gable patina kit to color the butterfly filigree and wire wrap glass and stone beads in coordinating colors with brass wire.

  9. Melanie says:

    I adore Monet and I love waterlilies. Not only are they beautiful but I like to imagine precious little water nymphs living inside them. I would choose the Waterlily or the Maidenhair component and create a toggle bar of irredescent seed beads.I would also add the Nouveau leaf dappled with Moss Patina & most certainly a Whimsical Fairy will find her way into the design. As for the Vintage Meadow flowers I would “pick” shades of Magenta, Violet, Blue green and yellow. I would finish it off by adding vintaj chain and some silk ribbon.

  10. Melanie says:

    Sorry I forgot my E-mail address: swopemelmel @ aol dot com

  11. Linda Chavez says:

    I’ve been dying to make a bracelet with the Artisan Copper ID Bracelet, centering the Peony Filigree (already green from the Jade Patina and buffed for highlights) wrapped around the ID Bracelet, then using a rivit to attach 3-4 open flowers in shades of peach, greens and blues in the center of the filigree. To finish if off, attach soft brown suede cord and a drop of smaller flowers of the same colors with one foilage bead cap.

  12. Kelly Harms says:

    I would use the queen bee connector (colored with the ochre and onyx patina) to link together the deco vines swirling left and right pieces that have been colored with the moss patina and buffed to bring out the highlights. From the bottom of the bee connector, I would dangle a peachy flower (or two) with tiny Swarovski bicones hanging inside like stamens. I would connect the vines with soft sari silk ribbon, either in peach tones or perhaps a nice mossy green (or both), that wrapped up the wrist. I might decide to add a flower or two, or some crystal drops along the way.

  13. Alice says:

    I love lampwork beads so first I would dome several washers and use them as bead caps. The lampwork beads would be wire-wrapped together and attached to three rows of etched chain which includes some of the small watery blue lucite flowers as dangles. The other end of the chain would be connected to a sweet 5 petal flower connector and a lobster clasp.

  14. Ruth Bach says:

    I would start with the handle and add fairy petals and then filigree flowers and violet sprigs..I would patina them with amethyst and opalite and then use purple toned flowers from vintage meadow artworks dangling off the handle and one of the chains to finish the bracelet.

  15. I would take a vintaj 10mm round link chain as the base for my bracelet, I would use flourish petal bead caps as they are devine and one of my favourite’s. I would use the flute vintage meadow art beads in shades of pinks and neutrals, small pearls and crystals would dangle from these and they would be placed within the flourish beads. Alternate pearls and crystals in pinks and corals would dangle randomly from the bracelet links as well as meadow art lucite flower bead with crystal centres. A lovely toggle clasp would finish the bracelet off.

  16. DESPINA says:

    I would use Nouveau Woman Cameo as focal, 8mm Foliage Bead Caps with purple and white pearls to form little flower charms, 11x9mm Teensie Butterfly Charms and 17x17mm Bird Charms, along with yellow and purple crystals, for a bracelet called “Lady Spring”…

  17. Joanna-Gloria says:

    69mm Butterfly Grandeur would be my focal, along with 8mm Foliage Bead Caps combined with round beads, 13x12mm Teensie Nouveau Leafs, 11x9mm Teensie Butterfly Charms and 13x12mm Princess Dragonflies, in a lush charm bracelet full of peach pearls, champagne crystals and the wonderful Vintaj charm!!

  18. DESPINA says:

    Sorry, didn’t read the instructions right, I correct my answer, I would use the Nouveau Woman Cameo as focal, 8mm Foliage Bead Caps with purple and white pearls to form little flower charms, 11x9mm Teensie Butterfly Charms and 17x17mm Bird Charms, along with the hand colored yellow leaves and hand colored purple flowers by Vintage Meadow Artworks, finishing with a handmade ( by me) toggle clasp…

  19. Joanna-Gloria says:

    I forgot to mention I would use decorative wire wrapping for some of the beads, I’d make and hammer a handmade clasp and use some of Heather’s wonderful leaves and flowers!!

  20. maneki says:

    Love those flowers — and they look so nice together with the brass!

    I’d do somthing knotted and braided with brown waxed linen cord for an earhty feel and add fastenables like violet sprig and oak frond, threading and knotting the cords through the different holes. I’d also bend a beech leaf into a toggle bar. To that I’d add as many of the smaller green, yellowish and pink/rust flowers as would look good (saving the big flowers for a simple matching lariat necklace). At the moment I’m doing some napkin and decopatch paper decoupage, which works great on the vintaj brass and I think I have the right paper to match the gorgeous acrylic flowrs, but I’m not sure whether I’d decoupage some of the leaves…

  21. jeannette stuifzand says:

    I have never made something so beautiful as this and would love to create a vintage piece for myself. Would love to get the chance to try this.

  22. Karen says:

    I would start by making many dangles using the teensiest sunflower charm and the sunflower motif hanging from two or three layers of round link chain. Then I would add charms made out of the eight petal cutouts hammered onto altered blanks and add them to the charm bracelet. I
    In between the charms, I’d add in some colorful amythyst nuggets and light green citrine nuggets. Finally, I’d add in some butterfly charms to add some whimsy.

  23. Kathryn Tetzlaff says:

    I love the combination of Vintaj brass with these beautiful acrylic flowers. I would curve the large filigree butterfly to use as my focal. On the top and bottom wings on both sides I would attach a muted peachy-pink silk ribbon with jump rings. I envision many peachy pink flower dangles, some flowers dressed up with 7mm Vintaj filigree caps. Among the flowers, lots of noveau leaf charms. Perhaps I would use the rusted hardware patina kit along with the amethyst and quartz colors from the victorian gable kit to add beautiful color to my butterfly focal. Hmmm, the possibilities are endless.

  24. Renee M. says:

    I would connect some “she loves me daisy” flowers together and dangle lucite flowers w/ tangerine orange colors that have “daisy bead caps” and also include some “beaded flower washers.” I’d use some “teensie nouveau leaves” w/ green on them from the UTEE technique, and the “she loves me” flowers would have white petals and yellow center, using patinas and sealed. Fun! :)

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