Quick Tip Video ~ Vintaj Patina & Glaze: Colorwash

In this quick tip video I demonstrate how to create a colorwash with rust patina and glaze over a base of ochre patina on our Arte Metal Mythical Wing. This technique is perfect for making a transparent overlay of color using our amazing ‘must have’ Vintaj Glaze as an extender.

Rust patina is part of our Rusted Hardware patina kit

Ochre patina is part of our Retro Highway patina kit

Vintaj Glaze features:
- Clear top coat and Patina extender for metal
- Non-yellowing, non-cracking
- Permanent when dry
- Fast drying, durable satin finish
- No acids

Try this fun technique with a variety of arte metal, natural brass & artisan copper embellishments, and don’t forget about embossed altered blanks! Create a colorwash with your favorite Patina colors… The possibilities are endless, turn it into a stunning piece of jewelry, key chain, scrapbook or card embellishment, decorative element on a frame or home decor item, or simply keep as a trinket!

Happy Designing!

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2 Responses to Quick Tip Video ~ Vintaj Patina & Glaze: Colorwash

  1. I’ve recently started playing with mixing the glaze and patina, and it is such a great effect and can be played with in so many ways! I love it.

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