Twinkling Lights Design Challenge ~ Let’s vote!

We hope these submissions to our Design Challenge inspire you to try an Twinkling Lights-themed design using Vintaj! Click thumbnails to enlarge. The title and inspiration is listed below the enlarged photo of their piece – just click on the thumbnails, you may need to scroll down a little.

Vote for your favorite by selecting your favorite ‘number’ on the poll listed above and clicking VOTE in the lower right corner! If you do not vote through the polling system your vote will not be counted. One vote per person please!

Sorry for the delay in getting this exciting challenge posted, we were having some technical difficulties. We have extended the poll, which now closes midnight (central time) on Saturday December 8, and the challenge winner will receive a collection of over 75 pieces of Vintaj products, a posting on our blog with a link to their site/blog, and will be entered into the End of the Year Challenge contest!

We will post the winning design on Monday December 10 by noon (central time) so be sure to check back. Our Editor’s Pick will be announced the same day.

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10 Responses to Twinkling Lights Design Challenge ~ Let’s vote!

  1. Lots of lovely designs. Number 1 called to me – beautiful!

  2. WoW lots of amazing work…

  3. Really beautiful and inspiring designs!

  4. Really inspiring designs!

  5. Carol Nugent says:

    They are all beautiful and unique in their own way…so different from one another. It is hard to choose; right now I’m drawn to 3 or 13!

  6. Vicki Lapp says:

    I love seeing everyone’s creative work! I recognize our beads in #6, and love the way they are used. I also like the design of #11.

  7. Heidi Cervantes says:

    These are all beautiful and so inspirational that I want to try using Vintaj for the first time!( #11 is my fave!) I think it would be fun to incorporate Vintaj into my bead embroidery pieces.

  8. JeannieK says:

    Everyone’s perspective is so different and Beautiful. Voting is always so hard.

  9. Robin says:

    I love so many of these – It’s not fair to have to choose only one favorite! Terrific creativity, everyone!

  10. Tracy says:

    Wow, beautiful! I’m loving #4, creative!

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