Tip: Emboss Standard Washers into Decorative Components

Create a fun variety of decorative jewelry components with our Natural Brass 10mm Standard Washers and Deco Dies by Sizzix! Simply emboss, relief and wire wrap them to disk beads to give your jewelry a unique look!

{Click on above image for products featured in this Northern Lights bracelet}

1. You will need a grouping of Natural Brass 10mm Standard Washers.

2. Place washers onto Lily Damask DecoEmboss Die to reflect the symmetrical pattern.

3. Carefully close the embossing folder die and crank it through BIGkick machine one time.

4. Use the white side of Metal Reliefing Block to highlight the raised areas.

5. Stack embossed washers on each side of Lampworked Boro Glass Caterpillar Bead and string two 6 inch pieces of 18g Half Round Artisan Copper Wire through holes. Be sure the flat side of wire if facing outward, so once you bend the pieces the rounded side is showing along the washer and bead.

6. Cross over the wire tails and being to create coils to secure. Form a wrapped loop with remaining piece of wire and repeat on opposite site. Use Flush Cutters to trim any excess wire.

Handmade Lampworked Boro (Borosilicate) Glass Caterpillar Bead from Unicorne Beads our “Northern Lights” Art Bead Partner.

Join us in our February 2013 Design Challenge. Share your interpretation of “Northern Lights” for a chance to win over 75pcs of Vintaj inspired by the theme. Submissions due by NOON (CST), Friday, February 1.
CLICK HERE for Rules & Guidelines.

Happy Designing!

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