Our Northern Lights Art Bead Partner ~ Unicorne Beads!

We were inspired by the swirling, iridescent quality of the handmade, lampworked, boro glass beads from Unicorne Beads for our Northern Lights theme.  We wanted to learn more about the artists behind these beautiful beads and this is what we’ve learned…

We specialize in the design and fabrication of handmade lamp worked borosilicate glass beads. Glass bead making is our passion that is reflected in innovative and creative designs based on over 40 years of glassblowing experience. Product quality and world class customer services are hallmarks of Unicorne Beads. The company is located near Anaheim, California in the USA and exhibits in major bead and jewelry shows domestically and abroad. Wholesale pricing is available for qualified buyers.”

Blue Tiger Cones bracelet designed by Jamie North of GlitznKitz.com

“Unicorne Gifts was established in 1967 in Chicago, IL. In the beginning, our company started the business in creating quality hand crafted gifts and collectibles. With over 40 years of experience with creating glass figurines, we changed our company niche to making hand crafted glass beads for the beading industry. Today, we have over 50 different bead styles that are distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Australia & Europe. Our company is now known as Unicorne Beads, Inc. Our headquarters is located in Placentia, California, USA or one hour south of Los Angeles.” 

Jumbo Teardrop Pendant necklace designed by Jamie North of Glitznkitz.com

“Unicorne Beads are individually designed and handcrafted in the United States by our network of highly skilled glassblowers. These beads are fashioned in a torch flame by a process called “lampworking”. Only the finest imported glass from Europe and the United States are used in producing our beads. Most of the colors of our beads are custom mixed. Each bead is carefully made and annealed in a kiln at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit which makes for a stronger more durable bead. The higher temperatures are also responsible for the rich natural colors characteristic of Unicorne glass beads. Many of our shapes come from customer suggestions. View our Artist’s Page.”

Tango-Forest Bracelet designed by Jamie North of Glitznkitz.com

Visit their About Page to see how you can set up a wholesale account with Unicorne Beads. Check out their Show Schedule to buy in person, and LIKE Unicorne Beads on Facebook!

Some of the designs we’ve created using Unicorne Beads for our Northern Lights theme! We’ve linked directly to their site from our Idea Gallery, so you can see where to buy the beads we’ve used in each project.

Stay tuned for more project ideas & tips the next couple of weeks!

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