Tip: Artisan Copper Blank Tube Beads

Create your own metal tube beads with altered blanks!
Rose did just that with three different sizes of Artisan Copper blanks. You can easily bend and curve the copper blanks around the barrels of our Filigree Shaping Pliers to make beautiful metal beads. They give your designs a rustic feel, you can string through leather, hand-dyed silk ribbons or suspend from chain as seen in Rose’s necklace…

Galaxy necklace designed by Rose Noble
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1. Gather a variety of Artisan Copper Rectangle Blank sizes and an ID Bracelet Blank.

2. Place the end of ID Blank near the bottom of the large 8.5mm barrel side of Filigree Shaping Pliers. Start to bend and curve the blank around pliers.

3. Use your fingers to continue to loosely wrap blank up around pliers to create a funnel shape.

4. Open the pliers and slide wrapped blank up to the top of barrel.

5. Use your fingers or Chain Nose Pliers to finish the curve on the end of blank.

6. Use the small 6mm barrel side of Filigree Shaping Pliers to curve a 22.5×12.5mm Small Rectangle Blank around one time to make a tube bead. Bend a 32×14.5mm Large Rectangle Blank around the 8.5mm barrel.

Tip: Try embossing, etching, hammering or patina blanks before making tube beads for more of a decorative look. Or, simply highlight the edges with a Metal Reliefing Block to make your beads pop!

Happy Designing!


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3 Responses to Tip: Artisan Copper Blank Tube Beads

  1. Kristi Harrison says:

    Love this idea!! To take it another step, would be fun to emboss, patina, and twist~! :)

  2. Carol Nugent says:

    I love this! There’s a lot going on, but it still has that element of simplicity!

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