Tip: Metal Shears – Half Moon Blank

Betsy Kaage’s Orbital earrings inspired by our “Northern Lights” theme incorporates a variety of fun techniques. Learn how to create these cool components that you can turn into unique jewelry designs…

1. Emboss a large 34mm Circle Altered Blank with our Distressed Textures DecoEmboss Die.

2. Use the Raku Effect Technique, applying patina colors in quarters (using Vintaj Emerald, Lapis, Ruby & Agate Patinas with a Nouveau Silver Metallic Patina and Glaze wash).

3. Use the dark gray side of Metal Reliefing Block to highlight the raised areas of blank. Apply a mixture of Nouveau Silver Metallic Patina and Glaze over colors to create a shimmering effect.

4. Use Vintaj Metal Shears to cut the blank in half, leaving the hole centered at either the top or bottom.

5. You will have 2 equal half pieces. One with a hole at the rounded end and one without.

6. Use a Vintaj Metal File to round corners and smooth sharp edges.

7. Place half moon blank face down in a large opening of a Vintaj Wooden Dapping Block. Place the rounded end of punching tool over blank and strike opposite end with flat end of Ball Pein Hammer to dap.

8. Use a fine tip black Sharpie to mark placement for holes a 1/4″ from center hole on rounded side of blank. Use Vintaj 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to make holes.

9. Use the 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to make holes at each corner of half moon blank.

10. Repeat step 8 & 9 to complete second blank, also making a center hole. Each blank should have a total of 5 holes.

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Happy Designing!

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3 Responses to Tip: Metal Shears – Half Moon Blank

  1. Colleen says:

    Betsy – these are awesome! What a great use of the blank…so many possibilities! You rock…as always!

  2. Pam Gemin says:

    This is what it means to say, “The possibilities are endless.” No wonder we all remain smitten with Vintaj and your brilliant designers! Cannot wait to try these.

  3. The circle emboss on blanks is one of my current favorites, but I hadn’t thought to cut the circle in half like this, that is so ingenious, must make some earrings of my own using this technique…love!

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