Enter to Win our Unicorne Beads & Vintaj Northern Lights Giveaway!

Enter to win our Northern Lights Giveaway for a chance to win this collection of Vintaj & Unicorne Beads! Pictured below is what we love to do with Artisan Copper, now it’s your turn!¬†Here’s what you need to do to participate:

In the comments section of this blog post, tell us what you love about our Artisan Copper! Do you have a favorite technique, a best-selling design or have you been inspired by one of our Gallery pieces? You could tell us your favorite beads and colors to use with the Artisan Copper and if you like to mix metals.

Also, tell us your absolute, favorite piece of Artisan Copper and if you’re our winner we’ll throw it in when we send the prize!

Here’s an example:
“I love how the Artisan Copper blanks look with the DecoEtch dies and Onyx Patina. I was inspired by Rose’s tube beads and made a simple necklace with the Rectangular Bracelet Blank and Natural Brass Figaro chain! If I win my favorite piece is the Craftsman Vine!” (True story! – Betsy)¬†¬

The contest is open from today, Tuesday, February 12 until Thursday, February 14 at midnight Central Time. The winner will be announced Friday, February 15!

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61 Responses to Enter to Win our Unicorne Beads & Vintaj Northern Lights Giveaway!

  1. ellie jacques capon says:

    copper…this is a life long affair for me. copper has a warmth to it that other metals just don’t. it is alive and fresh and weathered and perfect all at the same time. my favorite techniques are embossing and patinas. my favorite piece is the large blank circle because it is like a little world of possibility.

  2. Lynn Carling says:

    I recently got a Big Kick and am having so much fun embossing the Natural brass 21mm washers and the Artisan Copper round blanks. I love the patinas and have made some lovely pieces. Thank you for all the inspirational ideas you share!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love the natural warmth of copper and how it looks great on all skin colors especially in necklaces. I use the chraftsman vine as a connector to add beauty and help the necklaces lay flat.

  4. Jean Bushey says:

    I LOVE the Acorn Bead Cap and use it often. (I’m not part squirrel, really I’m not) I love the Woodland Leaf a lot too. I make a lot of random earthy mixed color necklaces with different wire wrapped goodies.

  5. Sandra Hart says:

    Working on my website. Not Your Grandma’s Beads on etsy and fb. Very hard to choose favorite copper. I think the largest circle blank so I can create with more of your pieces!

  6. Michelle Wells says:

    The unlimitless possiblilities of what one can create with the Artisan Copper. Jewelry designs, mixed media etc. so many ways to put creativity to work!!!

  7. Jennifer Davis says:

    I love the pieces you guys have made with the Artisan Copper. I’ve always loved the color of copper, and I recently got a Big Kick, so I’d love to play with some of the techniques I’ve seen on your blog/YouTube Channel!


  8. EK Hil says:

    I love copper period! It is great to look at and work with. It is such a versatile metal. My favorite techniques are torching and hammering, but I’m just starting out with the dies and patinas….I think we have new winning technique fav’s. My favorite piece is the key. Sooo many things to do with it even after etching/embossing/patina.

  9. Beth BrownRinella says:

    I am a red head and copper has always been the metal for me! I love the large disc 33.5 because I can manipulate it so many ways! I emboss and patina it, put extra holes in it to dangle bits off of it, and use it as a backdrop for other pieces…the possibilities are endless. If there was only one Vintaj piece, I would like it to be the disc in copper.

  10. Mary Andress says:

    I love Vintaj .

  11. Kala Bethany Marks says:

    What I love about your Artisan copper is the color and feel it gives jewelry. A calm mellow color that sets a relaxing mood for any outfit. I am inspired by what you have done with embossing . It makes me think about using that idea on other materials as well. As far as favorites go it is hard to choose just one . I would say I love the charms that say create and dream and all the other positive words . I also love the tall flower stencil DP440. Amazing products all around :)

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