Tip: Layered Embellishments

Create beautiful and ornate focals by layering Vintaj natural brass embellishments! Rose created our Morning Mist homepage necklace by layering our P0039 Diving Sparrow with our F30 Etruscan Drop Filigree.

You can use these easy steps to create this ornate, layered focal. Use a reliefing block to bring out the textures and designs in your embellishments. Take it a step further by adding Patina to one to create beautiful layers like Rose did!

1. You’ll need chain nose pliers and rosary pliers.
2. Line up the elements & determine where you’ll bend the bird’s wing.
3. Use the chain nose pliers to bend the wing back.
4. You’ll need to twist it so it bends straight back.
5. Crimp the wing down with the chain nose pliers.
6. Do the same with the bottom wing.
7. Use the rosary pliers to create a loop with the top, back wing.
8. Your finished loop to attach to the jump ring.
9. You’re finished focal!

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2 Responses to Tip: Layered Embellishments

  1. Gorgeous – love the these layers!

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