Technique Video ~ Vintaj Arte Metal: Melt Art Faux Enamel

Learn how to create Faux Enamel Earrings using Vintaj Arte Metal Tiered Leaves, the Ranger Melt Art Melting Pot, a variety of embossing powders & UTEE!

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Ranger Melt Art supplies

Adirondack Embossing Powder ~ wild plum, terracotta

Embossing Powder ~ copper

Embossing Antiquities ~ rust

UTEE ~ ultra thick embossing enamel

Try this technique with a variety of charms, embellishments & colors ~
the possibilities are endless!

Happy Designing!

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3 Responses to Technique Video ~ Vintaj Arte Metal: Melt Art Faux Enamel

  1. That is just beautiful! Makes me want to run out and get a melt art set up RIGHT NOW! Thank you for the inspiration. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Question: will that chip off? Do you need to seal it?

  3. Vintaj says:

    Thanks Erin! It’s so much fun!
    There is not an additional product to seal it with. Chipping or cracking is possible if dropped or stored in a very cold temperature. However, they fix easily with just popping it back into the melting pot to remelt and apply a little more UTEE, or by using a Heat It Craft Tool. Another very cool look is the Matte finish you can achieve by simply using Ultra-Fine Steel Wool over the cured UTEE. We love the matte rustic look it gives, and know you will too! You can see that done here in one of our other Melt Art videos – Melt Art Bezel. Have fun! Jess :)

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