The Winner & Editor’s Pick for our Plum Orchard Design Challenge!

Congratulations to Karen Bucci, our blog readers voted her “Plum Blossoms” necklace the winner of our Plum Orchard Design Challenge! Here is what inspired Karen:

“My inspiration came from the main focal piece.  It is a custom made Ephermera pendant of a beautiful tree in light purple.  After wrapping it in a filigree setting, I added some blossom fastenables and some flat back Swarovski crystals to dress it up.  This necklace speaks of flowering plum trees in the orchard!”  

Karen wins over 75 pieces of Vintaj metals and her design will be entered in our End Of The Year Design Challenge!

Our Editor’s Pick for Plum Orchard is Emily Greer of Gaia Copia!

Here is what inspired Emily:
“I remember being a little girl, around 7 years old, when my parents were invited to house sit for some friends. The home was nestled in the middle of plum orchards that stretched on as far as I could see. For some reason, before bath time, my step brother and I stripped down to our skivvies and got on our hands and knees in that dusty orchard. We were like animals tracking through the coolness of the powdery soil, running and hiding among the branches and fallen fruit. After what seemed like hours of play we tired ourselves out as Plum Faerie and Prince Pernicious. Disheveled and with plum stains on our palms and knees we showed up at the back door to the farmhouse, ready for bubbles and clean water.

This necklace is hand stained metal, polymer clay and Vintaj filigree and Vintaj guitar picks that are hammered, colored and sealed. Lucite flowers in shades of plums and greens dangle between the elements giving a feminine quality in contrast to some of the larger brass focal pieces. The colors and textures mirror my memories of the leaves and shadows of the orchards.”

Thank you to everyone who participated and voted, it was an impressive selection!

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2 Responses to The Winner & Editor’s Pick for our Plum Orchard Design Challenge!

  1. Those were my two favourites! How perfect!!

  2. Congrats Karen – your necklace is beautiful!
    Congrats Emily too – great design!

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