Tip: “Aged” Artisan Pewter Effect with Onyx Patina

We are having so much fun with our NEW Artisan Pewter line! It is the perfect complement to all metals. It looks great with sterling or silver filled jewelry findings and chain. But of course for a cool mixed metals look, it looks great with Vintaj Arte Metal, Artisan Copper & Natural Brass, just the way we like it!

A fun way to add some dimension to the pieces and create aged effect on our NEW Artisan Pewter charms, pendants & embellishments, you can simply brush on and wipe off Vintaj onyx patina into the impressions.

You can tell the difference between the Artisan Pewter Charming Guise & Full Pine Cone, with the details of the Charming Guise charm accentuated with Onyx patina, while the Full Pine Cone was left untouched. Although the Pine Cone looks amazing with patina in all those crevasses too!

We have many more great pieces coming soon, including Artisan Pewter Blanks, the Perched Owl & Classic Tag you see above in the Moonlit Path bracelet. The blanks etch and emboss beautifully!! We’ll keep you posted!

Ready for transforming our popular Charming Guise? Here’s how it works!

Shake bottle well. Dispense a very small amount of Onyx Patina to a non-stick craft sheet. Have a paper towel handy.

Use a flat tip paint brush to apply a thin amount of Onyx patina to the surface, dabbing it into any impressions.

While patina is still wet, use a paper towel to wipe away patina from raised areas, leaving it in the impressions and along edges for an aged look.

Immediately wash the paint brush in water and dry with a paper towel before next use.

Replace the lid and close the bottle to avoid patina from drying out. You can keep a head pin in the nozzle to keep it clear from build up.

* Search our Internet Retailers on our Where to Buy page or ask your favorite bead store for Vintaj Artisan Pewter!

Happy Designing!

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