Tip: Vintaj Handcrafted Mixed Metal Beaded Chain

Add a beautiful handcrafted beaded chain to a bracelet as a decorative clasp extender
(as seen in Seascapes bracelet below), incorporate into a necklace strand or simply hang from ear wires to create a unique jewelry statement!

{Click on bracelet image for product links ~ Sea Glass from Trinket Foundry}

Learn how to create a decorative beaded chain section in 10 easy steps…

1. Gather your supplies… 3 link section of natural brass 11.3mm Large Flat Oval Chain (it’s thick, you’ll need to use 2 Chain Nose Pliers to open and close links), 2 natural brass 1.5 inch Eye Pins, 2 artisan copper Smooth Saucer Beads, a Round Nose Plier, Chain Nose Plier & Flush Cutter

2. Use a wide part of the Round Nose Plier to open the loop on an eye pin to make it larger.

3. Insert an end of chain link through the enlarged loop of eye pin. Use the tip of Round Nose Plier to secure loop onto chain.

4. Continue turning loop to create 2 complete coils around chain link. Tighten and crimp end of wire with Chain Nose Plier. String an artisan copper Smooth Saucer Bead onto the eye pin.

5. While holding the bead in the center of chain link, bend the remaining wire over the opposite end of chain.

6. Use Chain Nose Plier to feed the wire back through the opening alongside the bead.

7. Pull the wire tight and continue to loop around chain to create 2 complete coils.

8. Use Chain Nose Plier to tighten and crimp down the wire against the chain.

9. Use Flush Cutter to trim the excess wire under the coils along the inside of chain link.

10. Tuck in ends of wire with Chain Nose Plier. Wrap another bead onto the opposite end of chain section to complete your beaded chain.

* Try with a variety of bead shapes, styles and colors to create your own unique beaded chain!

Happy Designing!

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