Enter to win our Ocean Surf Giveaway!

“I see Sea Glass on the seashore!” Enter to win our Ocean Surf Giveaway, loaded with Vintaj charms & embellishments and Sea Glass from Trinket Foundry, by giving us your ideal Vintaj find on a stroll along the beach!

Write any 3 items we carry on vintaj.com or items that you WISH you would find on the website (retail or wholesale) in the comments section of this blog post. Tell us a story & be creative! Here’s an example:

I was strolling along the Jersey Shore with my daughter when she spotted a beautiful shell. We dug it out of the sand and found a beautiful collection of Vintaj charms hidden underneath…an Arte Metal shell charm that I have never seen before, an Artisan Pewter Etruscan Perfume charm and an Art Deco Dragonfly worn from the surf. We gathered up our treasures and went home to make a necklace!

The contest closes Thursday July 11 at midnight CT. The winner will be announced on Friday July 12, good luck!


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33 Responses to Enter to win our Ocean Surf Giveaway!

  1. Carla Ekman says:

    We just visited Bar Harbor Maine (true story!) and loved the rocky shoreline and stunning harbor views. While there with did some geocaching along the shore and found a tiny hidden treasure. Sure enough – Vintaj trinkets abound! Many ocean and beach themed items just begging to be made into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  2. Joanna-Gloria says:

    My husband George and I were in Santorini for our summer vacation, and while we were on the beach, he suddenly came up with the idea to make a sand castle.
    As I started digging under the fertile, warm volcanic sand, I came across this little pouch made of Egyptian cotton. I eagerly untied it, to find a little treasure of beautiful seashells and three gorgeous Vintaj pieces in shiny pewter that I had never seen before: the 30x20mm Fleur De Lis, the 28x24mm Branching Heart and the 27x22mm Dancing Fish.
    A tiny note was at the bottom of the pouch and it said: “FROM YOUR LOVING HUSBAND, WHO WILL NEVER STOP SURPRISING YOU”.
    My wonderful husband had buried this wonderful package in the spot he suggested I should dig, while I was getting refreshments form the beach bar…
    And THAT is my ideal vacation :-) <3

  3. Rochelle Schiffbauer says:

    One of my favorite pastimes…Beachcombing in a bead shop! I love to find Vintaj sand dollars, sea horses and starfish. Pairing these items with seaglass from trinket foundry and I would be in heaven.

  4. Living in South Florida means that the beach is a part of our life. Recently over at Bathtub Beach, I was taking a walk and, much to my delight, found nestled in the sand an Ocean Reef Vintaj die! Perfect to use with my Vintaj Big Kick which I love using. But there was more. Under a pile of seaweed next to it was a Day at the Beach sampler pack. The ocean was being good to me! A little further down a seagull swooped down and dropped a value pack of circle/square blanks right in front of me. Excitedly, I ran to show my friends my new found treasures and begin to plan all sorts of new jewelry designs while catching a few rays! THAT would be a perfect beach day!!

  5. Mir says:

    Deep in the perennial forest, a watchful bird gazes down from his perch in a spring green-leaved tree. The winged one is transfixed by a maiden with auburn hair the hue of ancient coins. She weaves a fine oval chain with tiny hearts and keys as she hums a sweet tune. “She is pure light. I cannot carry through with the Master’s deed,” thinks the bird. And with that, the story changes …

  6. Lisa says:

    as i swim around the ocean with my girls, we pretend were mermaids in the water that can speak to the dolphins. As we swim, we point out the colorful sea stars made of glass in all colors on the sea floor. Putting them together with some sea glass pendants, hearts and rings, we show our love for the sea around our necks. So that when we step back on the beach with our two legs, we never forget our adventures at sea with our mermaid tails and dolphins.

  7. faith says:

    I was deep in the forest,and i spotted a beautiful monarch butterfly it seemed to flutter its wings. The sweet butterfly was all i dreamed of! Some day i hope to see one again. As i strolled i met a sparrow it was diving in the air!I have never seen such a wonderful bird. As i kept going i found a dragonfly. It flew so gracefully. My stroll in the forest was the best, i hope to see all of these sweet animals again!

  8. We are preparing to leave for our semi-annual trip to the central California coast. I make jewelry with beach glass that I have collected over the years. We have a tradition, started when we were newlyweds, that we won’t leave whatever beach we are on until we find a piece of abalone shell or cobalt beach glass. Our newest tradition is hunting for Vintaj sand dollars, tiny turtles, and starfish. No trip is complete until we have filled our pockets with sea glass and Vintaj treasures!

  9. I’d been waiting my entire life to visit Greece, and though a series of remarkable events, I found myself standing on Porto Katsiki beach one perfect summer morning. As the waves crashed to the shore, I breathed the salty air, beheld the azure sky…and tried to understand why I still felt that something was missing. I plopped down on the white sand and sighed.

    Then, out on the distant waters, I saw a tiny boat heading toward shore… “No, wait, that’s no boat,” I whispered. “That’s… okay seriously? Aphrodite riding a giant clamshell?! How cliché is THAT?”

    I sniffed the coffee I’d been was sipping, suspecting to smell a trace of Ouzo. There was none.

    To her credit, the Goddess of Beauty was riding that little clamshell like a pro surfer, her wild hair whipping, her pearl necklaces swaying. In the blink of an eye she glided right up onto the sand and stood before me, arms akimbo.

    “Great bathing suit!” I said, admiring her 1940s-style, coral-toned getup.

    “Thanks. It’s vintage,” she said. “But I’m not here to talk swimwear. I’m here to remind you of your life purpose.”

    “Say what?” I asked, “A white porpoise?”

    “Purpose! Your purpose! For crying out loud, listen to me! I know your type. You’re never truly happy unless you’re creating something. You can sit on the most gorgeous beach on the world, gaze upon the Goddess of Freaking Beauty, and you’re still restless. You need to be making pretty things, and you need to be doing that every single day.”

    I sat there speechless while Aphrodite picked kelp out of her hair. I knew she was right. But, where to begin?

    “Here. I’ve got a little something to get you started,” she said, and handed me a large, lovely box that shimmered like mermaid scales in the sun.

    I swung open the lid and gasped at the stunning collection of jewelry supplies it held. I was delighted to find handfuls of shiny pewter circle blanks– 35 mm!– a wood dapping block (I’d wanted one for so long!), and a perfectly-balanced 4-ounce Ball Pein Hammer.

    “Holy rockets, Aphro, this is magnificent!” I exclaimed.

    “Thanks. It’s Vintaj,” she replied with a smile. And then, the Goddess of Beauty spun on her heel, stepped onto her clamshell, and surfed away. Her final words to me, “Create loveliness every day!” floated on the ocean breeze.

    I try my best to do just that.

  10. valarie says:

    on my trip to southern California this summer while visiting the tidal pools at Dana point, my daughter will find a beautiful necklace, made with sea glass and a large bohemian tear drop. as we continue to explore, we also find earrings made of smaller bits of sea glass and small altered blanks, which were embellished with the ocean reef embossing die. We will take them back to my mother’s house, where we are visiting, and share them with her.

  11. Galveston is always my favorite beach to explore. I always try to search the beaches along the Seawall to take home as a commemoration of my trip there – a shell, a piece of glass, a sand dollar. I have been collecting this kind of flotsam forever, it seems, just waiting to find that one item that would complete the collection. I am especially excited when deep gold Sargasso seaweed is delivered to the shore after a storm, because it acts as home to so much sea life, and carries with it from far reaches delicate little treasures. Imagine my delight on my last visit, when a brief squall in the Gulf tossed ashore the citrine seaweed fresh with a pod of Vintaj: starburst rays of brass star fish, twisty curves of bronze sea horses, and frosted artifacts of glass, all collected by Neptune to grant to some seeker like myself! I thanked the sea profusely for the offering, then. I didnt have just one element but several! I decided then and there that I would take them home and bind them with the seaweed of Vintaj chains and wire to create a tinkling bracelet, a memorial of the precious moment. I would find citrine crystals to weave among the blues and greens, adding a pearl here, a Vintaj charm there. I know that every time I hear these elements brush against each other, I will hear the soft murmur of the waves and feel the brisk salted air and think of the gifts of the sea.

  12. Susan P. says:

    We were snorkeling in the Bahamas in the crystal clear warm waters off Freeport, near Deadman’s Reef. On the white sand bottom, we spied starfish, sand dollars and sea horses. When we dove down to collect them, we found out they were Vintaj charms in natural brass! Along with the sea glass and sea shells, we made a beautiful necklace that reminds us of our Bahamian vacation.

  13. Mary Jane Skurat says:

    Strolling through the fairy gardens near the lakeshore, I spot a gazing ball adorned with Natural brass, Artisan copper and pewter. I experienced the character of the artist as my eyes landed upon the natural tone and unique placement of the embellishments. I knew immediatly my journey would be filled with suncatchers, bottles and sea glass excitement. Walking stones empounded with chains and hardware met the soles of my feet. I came to rest upon a resin sette’ filled with trickets depiting my natural surroundings.
    My unknown artist has developed a sancuary of sorts! My minds eye will hold this in my heart forever.

  14. It’s winter in Australia, and we are staying at our beach house. One cold morning I rug up for a stroll along the wild shore. The surf is crashing on beach. I notice a crusty blue bottle nestled among the piles of seaweed. When I pull it out to look at it, it clinks, as if there is metal inside. I gingerly open the lid and find a small treasure trove of Vintaj pieces I’ve never seen before — shell charms, a seahorse, and a beautiful mermaid pendant, in Artisan Pewter and Arte Metal. I wonder how this small bottle of treasure found its way across the world to a deserted Australian beach.

  15. Terry Simons says:

    Wandering vince, chain, feather charm. I would love to win this! Even though I live in Cleveland, I have coastal decor and love making coastal jewelry. You should sell this package!

  16. brenda heald says:

    My favorite thing to do in the summer is to take my boys to the beach. I walk the shoreline looking for seaglass and find Vintaj dragonfly components and artisan blanks and embossing folders.

  17. Unfortunate- but true: I was a diamond consultant for seven years. Everything I had for jewelry was gold and gem stone. After we were burglarize it was sad to get dressed in the morning. All I had was the jewelry I was wearing the day before. My daughters and I went to a bead store and bought Vintaj beads to create me a new jewelry wardrobe. Now we collect things on vacation to create wearable memories. On our visit to Virginia beach we collected sea glass to make memory Christmas ornaments filled with our collections. I will get the amazing sea glass tusk and beads, sea glass rings, the bottle charm, and trinket charms to finish off jewelry for them to remember our trip and to thank them for being the real jewels of my life.

  18. Leilani says:

    Last summer we took a family trip to San Francisco, it was my daughters first time seeing the ocean in person. She was so enamored with the water and sand. She asked if we could take some home with us. We scooped some sand and sealed in in a baggie that we had used for lunch along with some shells and sea glass that she also collected. When we got home we found a small glass vile to put the sand in to make a necklace, interspersed with the found objects small Vintaj sand dollars, shells and sea horses magically appeared, ready to be added to a charm necklace with the mementos from our trip. She was delighted!

  19. Sharon Gullikson says:

    (We are going camping at Big Sur in 10 days, so it’s on my mind—we go camping there almost every year—we even got married in the campground in 1984)
    While walking on the cool, fine sand of Big Sur Beach recently, my hubby and I reflected on our many years together. As we strolled along the shoreline, I noticed a bright spot on the sand. I leaned over and picked up a pink sea glass fan. At first I thought it was a scallop shell, but to my enchantment, it was a delicate piece of pink beauty. I envisioned adding it to a charm bracelet that I had been meaning to design. Not 50 feet up the beach, I spied another work of art. Just beside a real starfish was a sea glass star fish. Imagine my surprise and joy. It was a gorgeous light blue that reminded me of some of the wildflowers I held at my outdoor wedding by the creek. This piece would definitely have a home as a part of my new charm bracelet. It was starting to take shape in my mind…. We walked on, reminiscing about all of our trips to Big Sur, the history of the area, the pioneers who settled the area, and the Indians who lived off the land before them. Just then a dog crossed our path chasing a stick that his mistress had thrown into the water. As he ran back with the stick in his mouth, off fell a sea glass triangle. This beach had always seems almost magic to us, but this was amazing! The triangle reminded me of an Indian arrowhead that I had seen in the nature center nearby. What an interesting addition this would make to my bracelet. I wondered which other trinkets I would find on our trip to commemorate our love and lives together….?

  20. My son just got a geocaching kit for his 9th birthday. If you haven’t heard of geocaching, you use gps coordinates to locate buried treasures. Its really a fun way to do a gps/search for buried treasure/scavenger hunt family activity. You can take a treasure from the containers you find, but you have to leave one of your own for the next person. Being a jewelry designer, obviously I wanted to make some really cool treasures to leave, so we made vintaj charms and pendants. I made tags using small round blanks and the deco-emboss folders, stamped a special code so that it would be our signature item, and made them super pretty with patinas and glaze. Our first trip out, we were so excited when we finally found the perfect spot and uncovered the treasure tube, but I never dreamed of what I would find inside. I was amazed to find another vintaj treasure from another mystery designer in the treasure tube. It was a beautiful ammonite vintaj charm that I’d never seen before. It was about 22 mm across and dapt with a hollow back. We took the charm home and started a geocaching charm bracelet with it, pairing it with hand dyed silk, etched vintaj chain, and a vintaj starfish charm (one of my personal favorites). I left room so that I could add to it as we locate new treasures. I can’t wait until we can go out again to see what other treasures we can find, maybe I’ll find an even larger ammonite charm to use in a necklace.

  21. megan says:

    I was strolling at the beach, and as i strolled i thought i stepped on something.I looked and found a beautiful starfish charm.I knew it would be the perfect charm for a bracelet! As i began to continue admiring the beach,a sparrow was diving above me! What a pretty bird! the sun was coming down, and i was about to leave. In tell i spotted something sparkle in the sand it was a vintajkey! This would be even better then the starfish charm! I love all my treasures! These charms will be perfect for a lovely bracelet!

  22. My daughter came running up to me and told me she found a chest on the beach and she needed help getting it opened. As we began to walk I started see things all over the beach. The first thing I seen was little bottles of patina sticking out of the sand. So I run back to the house and grabbed her sandbucket. We must have found 100 bottles. My heart started racing and I coundn’t believe it. There was a starfish covered in Vintaj charms and pendants in all 3 metals. I hear my daughter calling my name Mama come on I want to see what is in that treasure chest. We begin walking and I notice my daughter stop in mid-step I look up and what do we see a pirate ship full of Vintaj pirates. We look at each other and take off running toward the treasure chest. We can see all the Vintaj pirates jumping off the ship trying to beat us to the treasure chest. When out of no where a cracken appears jumps out of the water and with one big bite eats all the Vintaj pirates. Then turns our way, Oh no Mama he’s going to eat us and with that he opens his mouth and lets out the biggest burp ever and a beautiful Vintaj Natural Brass Key comes flying out and straight into my daughter’s hands. He tells us only the truest of hearts deserves that treasure chest. Just as quick as he came he was gone. Mama you can go back now I don’t need your help anymore. I looked at her and all I could see was myself looking back at me. I gladly turned around and started back to the house. I so badly wanted to know what was in the chest. But I knew I had to let her have it. I knew she needed to create. But I didn’t walk away empty handed. I walked away with a sandbucket full of Vintaj patinas,charms and pendants and a Natural Brass Key that she dropped after she opened the treasure chest. The next morning I wake up and a box is seating on the foot of my bed. I slowly open it and what I see is the most amazing belly chain I’ve ever seen. In that moment I knew my dreams had came true

  23. My favorite inspiration is the Fraiser Sand Island off the coast of Brisbane Australia..wild brumbies…beautiful white sand beaches…shells too many to identify but I love them all….and sea glass worn and treasured. I wear a necklace to remind me of swimming with the turtles …seeing exotic birds…delicious sea foods for all my meals. I wan to recreate this heart felt memory with the beautiful sea treasures from Vintage. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  24. Kathy says:

    Living in the beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia, I spend many hours at the beach. I always see so many wonderful things and find unexpected treasures. On a recent visit, I met a charming mermaid princess. She had such Vintaj style and I admired her Waterlily crown and Sea Petals dress. We were enchanted by Teensie Turtles emerging from their nests. The turtles started following the Queen Dragonfly and her princesses back to the sea. We talked for hours until the Lady in the Moon arose to wish us a good night. It’s amazing the things you can see, if only you BELIEVE.

  25. Renee M. says:

    I was so excited to finally be back at Sharks Cove in Oahu! I made my way down the sandy path and carefully climbed over the lava-looking rocks. I could hardly wait to be in the waist-deep water, put on my snorkeling mask, and plop my face down in the clear water to see all the beautiful ocean critters making their way around me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a piece of trash sticking out from the rocks in the shallow water. Good grief, people will just litter anywhere, I thought to myself as I went to pick it up and throw it away. I pulled on the soggy cardboard to dislodge it, and found that it was a smallish box with the Vintaj logo on the side! I looked inside and saw a few items among a clump of seaweed: a sweet sandpiper charm in Artisan Copper; a lovely, detailed sand dollar pendant in Artisan Pewter; and a fun party balloon charm in Artisan Pewter. Wow! Ideas swirled around in my mind of all the creations I could make.

    A local later told me that a ship carrying cargo to the island had recently sunk in a storm, and while the crew was able to escape, all the cargo was lost.

    After my vacation, I made a party balloon bracelet and an ocean-inspired necklace, and I sent pictures of them to Vintaj along with the story of how I had found the beautiful treasures.

  26. Lois D says:

    The ocean surf thrashed at her feet as she took her evening hike along the shore. She had hoped the salty air would clear her thoughts, releasing her from an interminable “beader’s block” that had plagued her for weeks. Perhaps tonight the churning of the ocean would yield some inspiration…
    Menacing storm clouds gathered on the horizon. “Another N’oreaster coming in, just as predicted”, she murmured to herself, pulling her collar up around her neck. “ Wonder how long this one will last?”

    A flock of sea birds passed overhead flying west, seeking temporary inland refuge from the coming storm. “Hmmm…they remind me of those cute Vintaj Natural Brass charms!” She pondered how she might incorporate them into a necklace. Maybe even a matching bracelet with some shells or pieces of sea glass for embellisments.

    Continuing past the jetty, a glint of slivery-grey caught her eye. She carefully made her way over the slippery blocks of granite and found a gorgeous piece of driftwood wedged between two stones. “I’ve never noticed this before. It reminds me of a Vintaj Branch, weathered by the sun and saline water. Perhaps I could achieve that same look with one of their beautiful patinas?”.

    Turning towards home, she glanced skyward. The glimmer of the quarter moon peeked behind a storm cloud. She could almost see the Man in the Moon, another one of her favorite Vintaj components, smiling at her. “Maybe I’ll do some beading when I get back”, she thought. Perhaps going through life’s storms really does provide the inspiration to press on.

  27. beth says:

    The next time I head to New Hampshire coast I will be on the look out for some some sea glass. I would love to find a giant clam shell filled with Vintaj Dancing Fish charms as well as sand dollar and turtle charms. A person can dream.

  28. My best friend’s wedding had just ended, while the sunset was rendering the beautiful beach even more romantic. I took my sandals off and decided to go for a walk along the foreshore, my long green dress lifted not to get wet. All I could think about was my own wedding in just a few months: I was sure it would have been so different from my friend’s one, still for a moment I imagined myself wearing a frangipani lei instead of holding a classic bouquet and I smiled. The ocean lapped at my ankles, but instead of enjoying this simply beautiful Maui landscape, my mind was miles away, in a small church in Europe where a string quartet was playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D…
    I was brought back down to earth by a light blow to my foot: to my great surprise, a clear glass bottle sealed with cork was washed ashore right next to me! “A message in a bottle!”, I thought excited, grabbing it and opening it with all my strength. Eagerly I pulled out a rolled up letter, but there was more: a wrapper containing an Artisan Pewter Dancing Fish charm, a Natural Brass Diamond Swirl Filigree and a detailed Artisan Cooper shell pendant I didn’t know. Thrilled, I finally unrolled the paper and read:
    “Inspired by the Ocean Surf theme, our team decided to offer a special giveaway, letting the ocean guide our prize to a lucky winner.
    Enjoy and bead happy!

  29. wandering along
    waves wash over my toes
    bits of sea creatures, long gone
    appears as the tide ebbs and flows

    a flash of light
    a glint of metal
    what is this I see?

    a brass sand dollar
    ocean surf arte metal
    compass decorivet – could it be?

    lost Vintaj treasure
    appears on the beach
    I approach closer
    but they float out of my reach

    a ringing in my ears
    a fading of the light
    alas, twas only a dream, nothing more
    and I hurl the alarm clock onto the floor

  30. Jen says:

    One Night I had a dream that I was walking through a heavy mist. Walking towards me was a brightly dressed woman carrying a beautifully detailed fan. She began to fan away the mist and the room became bright and sunny. She handed me her fan and then disappeared into the tall grass. The fan had a beautiful filigree pattern to it and I placed it in the silk bag I was carrying. As I walked a little further I came upon a field that was covered with Queen Anne’s Lace as far as I could see, so I picked one of the stems and placed it in the silk bag. Suddenly, the wind picked up and darkness fell and I found myself falling. I landed in a huge red velvet arm chair where a man dressed as a butler approached me and asked me for the secret ring. I could not give him the ring because I did not have it. And then I woke up.

    1. I love the filigree pieces, especially the new “Fanned Boho” piece.
    2. I wish you offered ring bases/findings.
    3. I also think the “Queen Anne’s Lace” is quite lovely.

    I discovered “Vintaj” a few years ago and it changed the way I design jewelry. I was so inspired by the pieces shown at the “Vintaj Jewelry Co.” so it is difficult to choose one or two from so many beautiful findings.

  31. Today we dive on a Spanish galleon that had been lost to the sea so long ago. We descend through the ever darkening shades of azure water to her final resting place on the ocean floor. We enter through a large hole in the side that was the obvious cause of her demise. Within we find a rainbow of fish that now call this wreck home. We search about looking for any artifacts that might tell us her history. Fanning the sand away we discover a wooden box that is closed tight with an ancient lock. Once pried open we discover a cache. Among which, I pulled up an ornate chain with a beautiful patina, which to me was obviously pure brass that had been weathered by time and sea. To my wonderment, there were many adornments hanging from the chain! They were beautifully detailed charms depicting the sea life found here… a sea horse, starfish and sand dollar. At the end of the chain was an embossed medallion of Spanish gold! We excitedly scooped up our treasure trove! Once home, we pondered selling this precious booty, but it was all too special. Ultimately we decided to keep this treasure preserving her secrets of the sea…

  32. Nancy Lorenz says:

    Walking along the beach north of Malawhal, Mexico looking for some beautiful and awesome Vintaj Arte Sea Beans I came across a beautifully shaped Hamburger which is a seed pod that has travel across the ocean from far away places such as the western shore of Africa or Brazil. Along side of it was some beautifully shaped seaweed made out of Natural Brass which glittered in the bright sunshine. Farther along I came across a Mary’s Seed which is hard and ah so lovely with its antique cooper finish. What a haul! I could wait to get back and shape my pretties into bracelet that I would enjoy wearing for all time. . .

  33. Sonja Rachel Jones says:

    One summer night I sat, staring wistfully out at the beautiful shores of Pajaro Dunes, where my fiancé and I hoped, but could not afford, to get married. The moon was full, and the light dancing across the water drew me in like a moth to a flame. Determined to feel its soft rays, I reached the spot the moon’s reflection was brightest and touched my hands to the water. Much to my surprise and delight, I felt something fall into my palm, a gift from the Lady of the Moon herself. Opening my hand, I found a gorgeous clasp that appeared to be from Vintaj, in Artisan Pewter, a toggle style I had never seen before, with a radiant starburst pattern raised up around the circle and adorning its partner. There, too, were an Artisan Pewter Vintaj Trunk lock and a Vintaj Stained Glass Window Pendant in Artisan Pewter, glowing with the shimmer of moonlight and glistening with water. Amazed and instantly cheered, I returned to my fiancé happily with my treasures, knowing that the beach and the radiant moon had given me a gift to wish us well on our new life together.

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