Technique Video ~ Vintaj 1-Step Looper: Bead Drops

Making bead links and drops has never been easier!

The Vintaj 1-step Looper is a unique tool that leaves the option for customer preference, beginning from grip to cut. Watch how easy it is to make a simple loop using a Vintaj head pin. Simply trim and loop eye pins & head pins in one motion…

That’s not it…

You can also use the remaining wire cut from a 2inch head pin to make an eye pin, how cool is that! Just need to insert the wire a little past the cutter and metal peg, (not completely through the tool like you would to cut a longer piece of wire), just enough to form a loop. Then, simply string your bead and form a simple loop the old fashioned way with your round nose pliers (if the wire is too short for the 1-step Looper). It all takes a little practice but once you get the hang of the tool you’ll love it!

Click on below project titles for a larger view and product links, including Czech glass beads from our “Stained Glass Window” Online Bead Partner, ~

Mosaic Layers earrings

Glimmering Glass bracelet

Stained Glass Window necklace

Happy Looping & Designing!


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One Response to Technique Video ~ Vintaj 1-Step Looper: Bead Drops

  1. Angela Dow says:

    I ordered my one-step looper and have been watching the video… My question is: do you open them like you would a jump ring to attach them to each other to make a chain of them?
    Thank you.

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