Enter to WIN our “Mineral Autumn” Giveaway: Vintaj and Rings & Things

DESIGN CHALLENGEtime again!!! Who’s excited??

Enter to win this collection of gemstones from our “Mineral Autumn” Online Bead Partner – Rings & Things, as well as the Artisan Copper, Natural Brass and Arte Metal from Vintaj!

To participate in the giveaway we’re asking you to share your interpretation of Mineral Autumn! Design a piece of jewelry, either a necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring that screams Fall! For Jess’s design inspiration, visit our Pinterest Board

1. Submit a jpg/photo to challenge@vintaj.com by Monday November 4, 2013. Your design must include any or a mix of all Vintaj metal types; Natural Brass, Arte Metal, Artisan Copper or Artisan Pewter embellishments and findings to be considered. JPG size should be under 1 MB, if you’re savvy with re-sizing you can send your image between 125 KB – 250 KB.
CLICK HERE for Challenge Rules & Guidelines!

2. Along with your photo (of only 1 piece of jewelry), share the title and inspiration for the design.

3. We will post a gallery of the submissions for everyone to view, support and promote. We would love for you to comment and share what you like about Autumn and how it inspires your jewelry designs. Let’s start a group chat… tell us which designs are your favorite because of techniques, colors, bead types, etc…!

The Vintaj Blog Editors will choose a winner by Monday, November 11.

We can’t wait to see your designs ~ Good Luck!


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13 Responses to Enter to WIN our “Mineral Autumn” Giveaway: Vintaj and Rings & Things

  1. Anne Cartledge says:

    Oh!!!!! these would be so lovely to add to my stash…and make wonderful “goodies” for Christmas….thank you

  2. Lena May says:

    Hi – Just curious, where can I purchase Vintaj materials in the St. Louis area.

  3. Vintaj says:

    Hi Lena, you can click our “Where to Buy” tab on the right sidebar on this blog page, or you can go to vintaj.com and click our “Where to Buy” tab on the top right of your screen. Contact us if you aren’t able to find Vintaj in St. Louis!

  4. Joy McDonald says:

    Would love to win this new items, I do spend a lot in your store and would be a blessings, and could gift my grand daughter for her 7th birthday, been teaching her to make jewelery to… She is amazing and would be on cloud nine for such a blessing… :)

  5. Califia says:

    I absolutely adore Fall/Autumn colors. I enjoy the pumpkins (in so many colors now!), the falling leaves, the beautiful sunsets, the classic photos of Thanksgiving foods. I think Fall to me is cooler weather and crisp air! But here in Texas we get that fluctuation that is so frustrating. Beautiful one day, muggy and gross the next! hehehe!
    I can’t wait to get started on my fall inspired jewelry. I work in many mediums now, but prefer to work in chainmaille or wire wrapping. ^_^
    I have some great ideas that I’m going to get to work on soon! ^_^
    Thanks for the opportunity, this would be fun to add to my collection of supplies!

  6. This is a great design challenge and a great stash. I will so have to enter this one. I love Autumn as my favorite colors are all within this season. I love greens, orange, browns, yellows all mixed together. I also love leaves and acorns, everything Fall.

  7. marci says:

    love your item’s. your new color’s are inspiring me to go traipse thru one of the parks in the area and kick up some idea’s. thanks, marc

  8. Belen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, this would be fun to add to my collection for Fall! :)

  9. Robin says:

    Can you enter more than one piece? What about a set?

  10. Vintaj says:

    Robin, thanks for checking with us first! We have made the info above more clear about the challenge rules. Our challenges are currently set up to accept and post only 1 piece of jewelry. Unfortunately if we receive a photos of jewelry sets {ie: earrings with a necklace} it will be cropped to show only one piece}. Here is a link to our Challenge Rules & Guidelines. If in the future we have a special challenge and do accept jewelry sets we will post example photos. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s submission, have fun & good luck!

  11. Vintaj says:

    Hi everyone!!
    We are really excited about this design challenge! We look forward to seeing your jewelry submission! Thank for participating ~ Jess :)

  12. So excited about another Design Challenge, and so inspired by this beautiful and rich theme!
    I’m just concerned for the deadline: only three weeks to design and create, and for international customers ordering your elements from overseas it gets a bit short… I’d be disappointed not to be able to participate because my Vintaj elements are still on the way… :(

  13. It’s official: my Vintaj elements haven’t arrived yet, too late! :(
    I’ll share my creation with you anyway…

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