Enter to WIN our “Three Wise Men” Giveaway: Vintaj & Shipwreck Beads

Enter to win this collection of Czech glass, carved resin, Peruvian ceramic & bugle beads from our “Three Wise Men” Online Bead Partner – Shipwreck Beads, as well as NEW Vintaj Natural Brass & Artisan Pewter!

To participate in the giveaway we’re asking you to give a gift!
- Check out our 75+ NEW products.
- Find your 3 favorites and tell us what you would make and who you would give it to!
Be creative and tell us why you would give it to that person.
- Your entry will only be considered if it is written in the comments of this blog post.
- We’ve decided that the winner will also receive samples of the 3 NEW products they choose (excludes tools and supplies)!

First, I would pick the Rococo Mirror and letter stamp the word “joy” and the year, 2013. Then hang the Scrolled Ironwork behind it. I would hang a Swarovski crystal from the bottom of the filigree for some sparkle and link a new 11mm Roped Jump Ring at the top. Next, tie some pretty red ribbon to the jump ring and make it an ornament! I would give this to my aunt and uncle along with a note letting them know that we donated to the American Cancer Society in their name, in honor of my late mother-in-law.” ~ Betsy

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The deadline to participate is Friday, December 6.
The winner will be announced on Monday, December 9.

Have fun & good luck!

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40 Responses to Enter to WIN our “Three Wise Men” Giveaway: Vintaj & Shipwreck Beads

  1. susana says:

    Can I enter the contest? because I am out of the USA

  2. Shannon Chomanczuk says:

    Oh my gosh rabbits!! I live the little rabbits. We just git 2 bunnies fir my daughters so i would make myself and my 4 year old matching charm bracelets using the rabbit charms. They are so cute!!

  3. Vintaj says:

    Sure! Have fun!

  4. Cindy Walker says:

    Oh! I would make pretty things for my beautiful daughters and my mother, who mean the world to me!
    First, I would use the Drifting Dragonfly Charms (2 opposites) to make some delicate earrings with crystals for my mother, who doesn’t like big jewelry.
    Second, I would use the 25x37mm Fluttering Wings butterfly as the centerpiece for an amazing bead embroidered garden necklace with flowers and vines for one of my daughters.
    Third, I would use the 29x35mm Bangalore Detail piece with some bohemian bead embroidery around it using some natural stone cabochons and colorful beads for a really amazing ethnic looking collar necklace for my other daughter!

  5. yvonne says:

    i sure like the looks of this and they would fit into a necklace or bracelet wonderfully

  6. Kaymie says:

    I like giveaways! Nice stash!

  7. Krista says:

    The weathered splash- LOVE! I had some like that that I did some Swarovski chainmaile inside of it and they are beautiful! The tiled metalwork would look amazing with some Swarovski crystals hanging from it. I would gladly take the oval disks and stamp “faith” on them, then attach another charm to give to my hardworking teachers for Christmas.

  8. Rise St Arno says:

    I would use the Bangalore (2pc pkg) with Sparrows nest (28 pcs) and native Arrowhead. I recently met a young woman on the Pine Ridge Rez in South Dakota. She has survived a very shaky childhood, excelled in school and wants to be a journalist. I would make a fabric collage, with a vintage pictur of the Rez, to show she comes from a strong and resilient tribe.

  9. Only three?! And I just put in my order before these were released. Guess I’ll have to do another!
    I love the Rococo mirror and would make a necklace out of it for my daughter. I just purchased a lampwork cabachon from LA Jewelry designs that would work wonderfully. I think I would use the deco leaflets as links and incorporate gemstones and leather. My daughter is going to college, working, trying to make it living in an apartment and she deserves a special treat for her hard work.
    I also love the weathered splash! These would make great earrings paired with my sea glass for my sister. I really owe her as she traveled to Santa Cruz, CA with me to help me sell my jewelry at the Sea Glass Festival. Above and beyond the call of duty for a sis!
    Better start working on my latest Vintaj wish list! Thanks so much for the contest and inspiration…

  10. Vickie White says:

    the Flourish Swirl and the Drifting Dragonfly would make wonderful earrings which I would give to my Sis, my step-daughter, and my roomie. My third favorite is the Somewhere in Time Pendant, which I would love to craft something for myself.

  11. Sherrie Myers says:

    I like the Endless Passage piece a lot. I also like the heavy jump rings, especially the cross hatched one. Those pieces I would use for a necklace I’ve been designing for my big sister. The butterfly looks perfect for a design I’ve been trying to perfect for several years… but haven’t been able to find the right butterfly. My search may be over. :)

  12. Christine says:

    I’d take the Perennial Passage and attach a Fluttering Wings butterfly to the center slit of the top using a 9mm Rib Cable Jump Ring. Next I’d slide a green ribbon through the slits in the two petals on top right and left, so it can be used either as a wall hanging or as an ornament, and slide some matching crystal beads onto the ribbon on either side.

    I’d send it to my Mum in Switzerland because she loves flowers, butterflies and handmade things, and we won’t be able to go see her for Christmas. This way she’d have a little handmade something from me with her at least.

  13. Christine Nay says:

    I love fluttering wings. Butterflies have always had a lot of meaning in my life but 6 years ago I had a heart transplant and they became even more meaningful. For all the years I was sick, I was a caterpillar crawling and doing the best I could. After my transplant I was in my cocoon, healing and resting because I knew I would soon transform into a beautiful butterfly with wings to fly!!!

    I would make a beautiful necklace out of this butterfly as a gift for my mother who has been with me through all of it!

    I also love the Alter-it Frame (I received a gift of Ice Resin) cause I’m an altered kind of gal and I think the Enchanted Whisper Fairy is beautiful and would be the perfect gift for a friend that loves fairies!!!

  14. Mary Yaeger says:

    So much fun, excited already!

  15. Kate Wilson says:

    I love the Infinity Diamond and would use them to make simple dangle earrings with teardrop jewel-tone crystals hung on the bottom. I would use Fanned Blossom to make a pendant, or earrings, or both – I love asian influenced designs. Mythical Reign begs to be made into earrings. I’d make them as gifts and for me!

  16. Diana Kolowski says:

    As you know I love, love, love the vintaj product! I looked at all the new things and my wheels are turning! I have to have one of everything! :-) I would make all of my favorites into earrings. They would be the tiled metal work adding a glass bead dangle, the tiny oval embossed, patina, punch three holes at the bottom and wire wrap crystals and the sparrows nest with a small art bead bird above the nest. Yesterday a small community close to where I live was hit by a tornado. When I look at the pictures on the news it breaks my heart to see the destruction! My daughter in law’s cousin and his wife Betsy came home from church to find their house was gone! I would give the earrings to Betsy as a thinking of you gift!

  17. Katherine says:

    I would take (P193) 14.5x31mm Mini Mustaches and texture them with my patterned hammer. I would also slightly dap the mustaches to give them a slight curve. I would use Vintaj’s Weathered Copper Patinas to give the mustaches a bit of color and really bring out the texture. The I would take (P296) 26x21mm Alter-It Frame Set and punch some holes in the bottom, using bits of chain I would hang 3 mustaches (at different lengths) from the holes. I would stamp “friend”, “mom”, and “sister” into the Alter-It Frame, adding a few small crystals to the chains holding mustaches. Add some black Sharpie to bring out the stamped letters. Then add the whole thing to (P194) 47.5×36.5mm India Detail. Texture the edges of the India Detail piece…then hang the whole pendant on a necklace. I would add small crystals to the necklace chain. I would give it to my sister for Christmas – the mustaches symbolizing her sons, and the 2 other words showing other roles she fulfills.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I have taken my three favorites and this is how I would piece them together. I live in the south and naturally I would have to go with the (P205)Daffodil Fleur De Lis. I would ink them in the shades of purples, yellow, and greens and give it a distressed look. I would use about three chain links from the center out and a larger cable jump ring using the (P202) Global Spear for a clasp folding the thin side under into the jump ring. on the opposite side I would use same chain links and attach side way the (PS0108) Somewhere in Time Pendant Because it matches the colors I am portraying. More of the colors you would see in Mardi Gras. I would then use various matching beads alternating the chain and beads to finish it. I would probably go with various shapes and sizes of metal beads and ink and distress the same colors. Probably mixing some semi precious gemstones.
    Fleur De Lis means “Flower of the Lily”. This would go to my very best friend. For years I watched her endure the prison that this awful illness created for them. She had very little help as she is a single mom and she never asked for much. We take things for granite such as going to the store which would be a huge ordeal for her. Her son finally got the appropriate care and she never looked back. She basically started her life over with getting a job, new home, etc…. She had to crawl again and is now walking tall. Her son is, of course is still autistic and always will be, but she new letting him go was the best for both of them. He is flourishing and learning new things everyday and living a better quality of life. She still holds his hand strong, but with a lot of support. I am proud of her and I am better for knowing them both and have a better understanding and awareness for Autism. The “flower of the lily”, how appropriate. Don’t you think?

  19. The first thing I would pick would be the 4pk of the mini mustaches blanks. I would make a full set for my daughter Alyssa. She loves any and everything mustache. I would start bye running 3 though my bigkick. I would use the daisy swirl and the fairy twilight I love these patterns so does Alyssa. The other one I use 3mm letter set uppercase. Spelling out her first and middle name. Then I would run it though the big kick using the daisy swirl pattern on the top,bottom and both sides. I would gang it on a 7mm rib jump ring and a 2.4 ball chain. For the ear rings I would put the mustaches on a 4.7mm jump ring adding a swarovski crystal to a 1″head pin. I would use her favorite color. I would also use a 20×10 fresh ear wire. They seem better for young girls.The last one I would put the mustache on a 14.5mm adjustable ring band.
    The next thing I would choose would be the Alter-it-frame set. Making a bracelet for my son. I would use the 3mm uppercase letter set to spell out Cody and Brianna. Then below their names I would use the 3mm number set to spell out 2-3-13 that is the day they started dating. They put that on everything. I would cut off the bale on the frame. I would use 1/4″ nail head rivets to connect the Alter and frame. I would cut a11/2 piece of leather I would also connect the Alter-it-frame to the leather using the 1/4 rivets. Then I would punch holes down both sides. I would put standard washers and rivets in the holes l would use snaps for the clasp.
    The last thing I would pick is the daffodils fleur . I would make a necklace for myself. Not just because I’ve been waiting for like six years for Vintaj to come out with a fleur de Lis. It’s because of what I see when I see a fleur de Lis. I see so much more than just a shape. I see hope, faith, strength, love, passion, movement, dreams, courage and I see my future. I see a piece of each and everyone of us in Southeast Louisiana. My husband lost his job a few months ago and things are so hard I’ve had to put things down. The things that I’m

    passionate about,things I love, things that makes my dreams come true. So when I look at this daffodils fleur I know I’ve made it though harder storm and I’ll make it though this one. The only thing I would do to this necklace is I would put a black and gold glass bead on a 1″ head pin and gang it on the 7mm rib cable jump ring that I would put the fleur de lis on. I would put it on a 4×3 classic cable chain and a35x11mm hook and eye clasp set.

    That is what I would make for Alyssa, Cody and myself. With these amazing new piece of Vintaj

  20. The new pieces are amazing and it’s a really tough choice. I’m working mixed media these days and not so much jewelry, so here goes:

    The artful rabbit is gorgeous. Hands down my favorite. I would add him to the cover of a garden inspired booklet I’m making. My mother in law will be the recipient. She’s a 92 unstoppable gardener. So far my piece combines a resin coated Albrecht Durer “Young Hare” in a small stamped metal book, with pages of Spring images with mica leaves.

    The India Detail is begging to be stamped with swirls and paisleys and maybe a line of poetry. I would love to patina and attach smaller embellishments and make a necklace with it. I’d also like to try folding in the sides and showing off filigree attached to the back. My sister Patti would wear it beautifully, she’s a traveler and a citizen of the world and it looks like her; elegant and larger than life.

    Last but not least, Perennial Passage is intriguing. I could make some resin paper to put behind it using the flower as a frame. Or maybe cut one apart and add the extra leaves to another building up the flower and embellishing a sketch book for my sister Tracy. Tracy always needs a new book for her flower drawings.

    Dreaming is good- thank you for the exercise!

  21. Jenny Melsha says:

    I would use the forged motif piece to attach to a piece of leather to make a fun leather cuff. I would give it to my best friend.

    I would also use the charmed elephant piece(dp146) to attach to the Bangalore Detail (c2h107). I would also use some vintage beads to add a pop of color and make this into a necklace for my cousin who loves elephants.

  22. Maria Manola says:

    As a base I would use the “Perennial Passage”. Then attach the “Rococo Mirror” to the center and glue some Swarovski flatbacks on it. Next from the bottom leaf of the Perennial Passage I would hang a “Diamond Mosaic”, with some Swarovski crystals hanging from it. And to make it look more like a snowflake I would attach some more crystals on the Perennial Passage. With a white ribbon tied to the top leaf, it would make a beautiful ornament, which I would donate to my son’s school, for a fundraiser held for children in need in our community.

  23. Melanie Swope says:

    I would slightly curve the Daffodil Fleur & hole punch the other end to use it as a bracelet focal. Using the Heavy cross hatch jump rings I would add two strands of beads in the colors of plum and moss green ( I love Czech glass with the Picasso finish) with a length of Vintaj chain. I think I would add the Wooded Ivy Leaf as a dangle next to the clasp.
    I would share this lovely piece with my dear and true friend, my Sister Melissa. Melanie

  24. i would make 2 gifts, the first, using the new Flourish Swirls (both a right and a left) as midway pieces in an asymmetrical woven beaded (with twin beads and standard seed beads) necklace, the one side being attached higher then the other creating balance without exact symmetry. this piece would go to my boyfriend’s grandmother as she enjoys my handmade jewelry and loves vintage accent pieces on her jewelry. the swirls would let her make a statement without overpowering her small frame. the second piece would use the new Santa Fe Turtle as a focal piece in a beaded (russian spiral with seed beads) necklace for my mother as she loves turtles and it is not that easy to find quality and nice looking turtle pieces (!). she would appreciate it simply because i made it, but with a turtle on it, she would love it that much more.

  25. Allison says:

    For my entries, i will start off with the silhouette girl (3 pack) 23x21mm, code P196R to make a necklace for my little 6 year old cousin Charlotte, who is a super girly girl. I wanted to create this piece for her because she lives far away and i don’t get to see her often. This is for her to remember me always and to remind her i love her. The necklace starts out by using 6mm round “Margarita” (flower) beads in the shade of lavender purple, 2mm round indian pink beads and 2mm round fuschsia beads. First i will use the Margarita beads and slide them through the bronze headpin,while attaching it to the chain that is 18 inches long and apply the jump ring to the ends. Then using the the 2mm round indian pink beads and the fuschsia beads to do the same. Every six spaces i put another silhouette girl charm from the pack. On every charm i will handstamp the letter “C” for Charlotte on the back.

    In my next piece, i will be using the Rainy Day charm (3 pack) code: DP158R 19×16.5mm for my grandma because she loved and collected any umbrella she could find, from big to even small figurines. She enjoyed every minute of finding a new treasure, to her it seemed fun. This piece will be a bracelt using the wave bead, which is 19mm and in the shade of light blue symbolizing the raindrops. I will start by using stretch string to bead. Then i will start to put the rainy day charms on every 4 spaces between the wave beads, then end it by tying the 2 ends together. I wanted to create something simple but pretty.

    My final piece will be earrings using the Endless Passages charm (3 pack)code: DP175R 20mm,for my aunt Susan because she hopes there will be many paths in her life, dreams to follow, and making wishes that are endless. I will start by attaching the charm to and earring base, letting it dangle and then add the Artemis cone beads that are 12mm and the shade is golden shadow to match the brass charn using bronze heapins and attaching a jump ring for easy movement, while letting them dangle down also. The earring base will be bronze to match.

  26. BevC says:

    I would use Rowed Medallions attached to a nice cuff of leather. And use Tiled Metalwork for a nice pair of earrings. Honestly, these would be a gift to myself. I haven’t made anything for myself in a long time. And I’ve only been making things for family & friends on request. I kind of “burned out” for a while. When I was looking for something to “light the fire” again, I found Vintaj. Thank you for the wonderful products you bring to the market.

  27. I would make a long hanging necklace with light pink, purple amethyst and soft jade beads with occasion bead caps on both sides through out. Id interrupt the beads on one side with one Rowed Medallion with some feathers from the bottom hole too. Beautiful without being symmetrical. Id use the Sunburst ring as the pendant and also patina it with quartz and amethyst with some gold or silver metallic mixatives and hang the Flourish Swirl from the middle and put tear drop beads wrapped in copper wire with flowers made into bead caps at the bottom.. (my Fave). Id also use tiny copper circles ran through the Vintaj Bigkick with random designs to accent the necklace through out. Id definitely Give this to my Mother. Shes a big supporter of everything I make and she loves copper and bronze colors. She means a lot to me and I’d do anything for her just likes she would do the same for me.

  28. Jeane hamilton says:

    My friend, Ali, loves India. She has lived there off and on over the years. When she isn’t there physically, her heart is still in residence. I would make a necklace to keep India close to her heart. For the focal point I would create a mosaic that used the interior symbol of the flag of India for inspiration (cobalt blue and white). Then, I would wrap it in the perennial passage filigree.

    For the connectors, I would first make mosaics on the East & West pieces in colors inspired by the interiors of the Taj Mahal (cobalt blue, goldenrod and forest green). These would be interspersed with tiled metalwork pieces. I think I would enjoy this piece so much I would have a hard time giving it away! But we make sacrifices for friends.

  29. Peg Rounds says:

    I would use the sparrow’s nest to represent the family and place it in the center of the sunburst ring. Then, on the bottom of the sunburst ring I would add a left and right flourish swirl that had Swarovski crystals set in each circle of the swirl to represent each member of my family, my sister’s family and my dad. In between those I would add a heart for the love in the family and that my mom shows to each of us. I would make that piece into a necklace and give it to my mom for all of the things she has done for the entire family since she and my dad were married 59 years ago.

  30. Katie James says:

    I was immediately drawn to the Elephant charms in the New Items category. My sister, Mollie, has collected elephants since she was a little girl. I would make a pair of Elephant earrings for her using the Tiled Metalwork Charms. Hanging from each Tile will be a beautiful 12mm Red Amber Horn bead, creating loose bead caps using varying sizes of the Rib Cable Jump Rings, the 9mm ring being the largest. The Elephant charm would dangle from a jump ring connected to the Tiled charm, and a couple of tiny red and amber horn bead dangles would rustle as if walking through the jungle.

  31. valarie says:

    I love the sunburst rings! I would pair those up with the 7mm rib cable jump rings, 3 Mediterranean shields on the bottom of each one, colored with some patina paint, and add some bright glass beads to the bottom of the shield links. I would make some cute earrings for my wonderful daughter to wear with her hair up (she has a lovely graceful neck)

  32. Leilani Olsen says:

    Love these new pieces! I would use the new Hibiscus Leaf (P214) for my focal with an oval yellow/green jadeite stone dangle and the Bubble Bee charm (P229), then use the Cross Hatch Jump Rings (JR113), brass chain and some more green jadeite stones, brass beads, gold & lime green crystals and attach to some lime green velvet ribbon for a tie clasp to make a necklace for my mother-in-law, who loves to spend time in nature and her garden.

  33. LauraJane says:

    I’d have to take the sunburst ring and push some light earthy green polymer clay through the middle. I would then create a fern pattern with a darker earthy green polymer clay and bake that in the oven. When it’s cool, I would hang 3 4mm olivine Swarovski crystals from each of the 3 holes at the bottom. I would then attach it to a chain with the 5.3mm rib cable jump rings. I’d add some more Swarovski crystals to the chain for more sparkle and then use the jump rings again to attach the Mag-Lok magnetic clasp. I would give it to my childhood friend for her birthday with a note saying, “Never lose your natural sparkle”. I think I would stamp that saying on the back of the piece in the clay, too.

  34. Karen says:

    My friends, for me the link to purchase takes me to the open screen of Amazon.com and there I see none of your products… :)

    I don’t know what I would do with your gift yet, because I am just beginning, but I LOVE the patinas and the large leaf and the pendants, the elephants and many more. I have goosebumps looking at this collection, like finding a long lost friend!

  35. Cindy Chalmers says:

    Oh my. Well first off, I have to have the mustaches and the fluttering wings. I would use the alter it frames as the base and crystals to embellish the charms. Then I would use the pewter wire and beads to create a dimensional spiral at an angle through the charms. I would adhere each embellished charm onto a rectangle of leather or suede and create customized bookmarks for each of my daughters. For my older daughter, I would use the DecoEtch Steampunk parts to create even more dimension on blank small metals. For my younger daughter, I would use the Celtic Weave die to create smaller metal dimensional embellishments.
    I love all the Vintaj options and the wonderful dies !!!

  36. Anne Marie Fowler says:

    I am fascinated by three pieces that can be used to create a two-in-one necklace, and would make one for each of my daughters. They all try to take photos of me but I prefer that they don’t. One commented that when I die, none of them will remember what I looked like because no pictures of me will exist. So, I would make the necklaces for each of them as a reminder of our special bond and will present it to them on Mother’s Day as a token of my love and affection for each of them. This necklace would also be perfect for children giving to parents, sisters to sisters, husbands to wives, and so forth. It would be a timeless treasure.

    First, I would create a photo transfer on metal on one side of the India Detail. Next, I would take the Scrolled Ironwork and punch at hole at the very tip of one end. I would then patina it in an appropriate color for each of the girls’ necklaces and then attach it to the non-photo transfer side using a jump ring. I would take a 4mm Swarovski Bicone that complements the colors on the Scrolled Ironwork and attach it to the bottom of the Mediterranean Shield. I would then attach that to the photo transfer side. The necklace can be worn with the photo side close to one’s heart, or it can be shared with the world by flipping it over. I would complete the design by attaching the pendant to a 20” or 24” Etched Cable chain that has 8mm Swarovski Bicones incorporated as part of the necklace portion.


    India Detail: Beauty
    Scrolled Ironwork: Strength
    Mediterranean Shield: Cycle of Life

  37. Dawn Piepenburg says:

    If I won this giveaway, the necklace I describe below would go to a friend who is outgoing, fun, exotic-looking and a fellow Lion, always ready to give her time and energy to help others. Recently she has lost a little of her effervescence (and I don’t know why), but still works hard for Lions. Case in point, this week she made enough home-made spaghetti sauce and meatballs for 400 people at a Lion fundraiser. I would like to cheer her up with this necklace as a Christmas gift. Did I mention she loves jewelry?
    The centerpiece of the necklace is P201 – 36x30mm Native Adornment, with the flat part up. I would cover the center hole with a flat back crystal, make 2 holes at each corner, insert a JR111 – 12.5mm Rib Cable Jump Rings, then drape 3 chains different length Vintaj’s natural brass chain from the 2 corner holes below the point of P201. On these 3 chains, I would put at intervals, bicone crystal drops of various colors to complement PS010B – 26.5X22mm Somewhere In Time Pendant. I would put 1 of these pendants on each side of the centerpiece, connected at the loop end by the above jump rings. At the other end of each PS010 pendant, I would connect 3 strands of Vintaj chains to diamond-shaped C2H111 – 20.5x15mm Tiled Metalwork connectors. From these connectors, Vintaj chain would be strung to a Vintaj closure. Depending on how this looked laid out, I might use Vintaj patina’s on the centerpiece to complement or match the crystals.

  38. Jeane hamilton says:

    Who won?????

  39. James Betts says:

    I love the Weathered splash! the elongated shape, and hammer marks make it very desirable. I would most likely wire wrap multiple brightly colored beads to add an elegant pop of color. This would make an excellent Christmas gift for my mother!
    I also love the right and left flourish swirls, they would make for excellent earrings, especially if they were attached to a set of feather, and a string of beads to make some modern/art nouveau style earrings, a great gift for an old friend?
    The combination of the feathered arrow and the strait arrow would be great to incorporated on a long dangled pair of earrings, being on the end of a string of colorful beads for a modern artistic look. A fantastic gift for anyone artistic!

  40. I love the scrolling abacus – these would be great for earrings. I see both the Sunburst Rings and Perennial Passage for bracelets and necklaces – set with harlequin glass cabs…or a vitrail crystal flatback… oh yeah…can see the pieces now! Darn it all, now I’m going to have to order these.

    I see that I missed the deadline…drat!

    Great new collection Vintaj!!!

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