Tip: Removing Pendant & Charm Loops

Have you ever envisioned using a pendant or charm as a connector instead of a drop, or wish it could be incorporated to function differently in your jewelry? I always look at how I can use pieces in a unique way when it comes to my designs!

You’re in LUCK! With Vintaj metals you can easily alter charms, embellishments & more to work in a variety of ways. For instance, with our NEW natural brass Viola Scrollwork I did just that. I instantly saw this beautiful ornate pendant as a bracelet focal, and because Vintaj metals are natural and so malleable, I was easily able to transform this piece with a quick snip of my cutters & a light sanding…    

step 1:
Use the white side of a Metal Reliefing Block to lightly highlight the raised areas.

step 2:
Use the tip of a Flush Cutter to clip off the loop.

step 3:
Use the dark gray side of Metal Reliefing Block to smooth rough edges.

additional tips:
* Use a Filigree Shaping Plier to slightly curve the piece to form your wrist.
* Use a Metal Awl to enlarge openings in piece to fit jump rings for connecting.

Next, simply turn our new component into a piece of jewelry!

{click on Journey to Bethlehem bracelet image for product & Shipwreck Beads links}

Happy Designing! ~ Jess


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2 Responses to Tip: Removing Pendant & Charm Loops

  1. Yingying says:

    Great ideal. It’s a lovely bracelet!

  2. renee m says:

    What a beautiful bracelet–thanks for sharing! I am glad to see the long tubes you have used too. I have some left over from a project that I was wondering what to do with :)

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