Steampunk Chronicles Giveaway!

“Steampunk is a sub-genre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.” It includes fiction with science fiction, fantasy or horror themes.” (Urban Dictionary)

There is a mix of Victorian, Old West, Industrial and Science Fiction in Steampunk fashions. The color & style of Vintaj metals go PERFECTLY with this genre. Have you tried it?

We’re going to give away this stash of Vintaj Natural Brass, Artisan Copper, Arte Metal and Artisan Pewter on Friday, January 10!

To enter we’re asking for you to create a character. In the comments of this blog post, tell us who your character is, where he/she lives and about their adventures. You are also their costume designer, so tell us how they are dressed and what jewelry you would make for them!

Here’s an example:

Claudette is a smart, young woman who has never followed the rules. Her traditional parents don’t know what to do with her and the folks in their small town of Jamestown, Rhode Island don’t know what to make of her. Her mentor and grandfather, Professor William Helmsworth has taught her his love of inventions and philosophy and has given her the skills to make what she dreams. She has transformed all of the lovely dresses her mother has given her into practical and functional clothing with secrets. The skirts have hidden pockets where she can hide her gadgets. The jacket over her corseted bodice is also tricked out with all of her tools and is reversible in case she needs a quick change. Even the corset can be used to hold maps and documents she wants to keep hidden. You will never catch her without her locket made from an old pocket watch. Embedded inside is the formula to her grandfather’s secret invention. Claudette plans to run away to New York and pursue higher education and travel the world the first chance she gets…nothing will stand in her way!

Please keep them clean & limit your stories to 200 words and they must be in the comment section of this blog post to be considered. Submissions are due by Wednesday, January 8, 2014 by noon CT. The winner will be announced Friday, January 10, 2014.

**If you haven’t commented on our blog before, your comment will be moderated by our editors so you may not see it right away! We check frequently!**

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37 Responses to Steampunk Chronicles Giveaway!

  1. Sarah S says:

    George Harper is a young man working for the railroad laying track during the day. But at night he loves to tinker with all things mechanical and steam powered. While he was raised poor, he has always managed to listen and learn and has been fascinated by how things work. Among his many inventions are some small robots that help him with everyday tasks like shaving, making breakfast, and keeping his clothes in perfect condition. George may be a laborer by day, but in his off hours he likes to keep himself looking good so that he can present his ideas and drawings to various societies and scholars to try to secure himself a better place in life. He normally wears a pressed white shirt, suspenders and charcoal pants (they hide stains better). His accessories include a pocket watch he has “tinkered” with so that it not only tells the time, but also the latitude and longitude, the temperature, and the distance from where ever he is to Kathmandu! He has some snazzy pins attached to his jacket lapels, and a beaded hatband his mother made him on his top hat (old and slightly shabby though it is).

  2. Mary Howe says:

    Mai is a young girl on her own. She travels by train hopping across America. Her parents died when she was little and she never stays at the same orphanage for very long…just long enough for her to escape again. She uses any means to find food and an adventure along her journeys. She keeps her clothes simple and functional with her way of life. You can always find her with her tools of the trade, which include a few multipurpose keys and lock picks as well as a few gears and levers. She keeps her few possessions on her person hidden throughput her clothes, like her sewing kit in her knee-high riding boots and her other tools disguised as jewelry and accents on her clothes and in her hair. She is spunky and won’t take no for an answer. She is head-strong and always finds a way to make do.

  3. Bess A. says:

    Amanda Higgenbottom was once nothing but a stowaway on a merchant airship. The day she tucked herself into that cargo crate changed her life forever, but not nearly as much as the day that she cleverly foiled the pirates who came to raid the ship.

    What a daring adventure that was!

    Not only did she win the hearts of the crew with her bravery and cleverness, but she also earned herself a place in the off-shore scouting team of the Rothesay Aetherialworks Merchant-Explorers.

    And so to this very day she takes part in Rothesay’s every major expedition. To the Indies! To the Andes! To Kalamazoo and Timbuktu!

    Although very practical, Amanda never fails to dress as stylishly as one would expect of an intrepid international explorer who now earns satisfactory wages as a gainfully employed adventuress.

    A smart, sturdy corset for good posture and deflecting weapon-related torso injury. A pert hat, with a practical quantity of mosquito netting. A frilly, lacey, yet sturdy toolbelt for carrying compass, spyglass, knife, machete, rope, and smelling salts. A locket with her dear, sweet mother’s picture in it. And finally, a thick double rope of chain with trinkets from every exotic port of call.

  4. Alisa says:

    Rebeka works as a welder by day, science fiction writer by night, and a bit of a party girl on the weekends. She currently lives in South Dakota but follows the boom and bust cycle of the oil industry. Over the past ten years, she has lived in Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, the Florida Panhandle, and even a stint in Saudi Arabia. However, her dream to move to Seattle, Washington and pursue writing full-time is just about to become reality for she just recieved an e-mail with an offer for her first book called Legend of the Steampunk Dragon.
    Her bed is covered with clothes as she is trying to decide which outfit to wear out to celebrate with her friends. Finally, she decides on a distressed leather corset, covered with a black jacket with long slender sleeves. The jacket is short in front and long in the back. The lapel is beaded with with tiny gears, grommets, and other components of a mechanical nature. A pair of simple pants with tall distressed leather boots finishes the ensemble. She also wears a necklace with a tanzanite stone set in antique brass Vintaj bezel and Vintaj chain. (:
    Little does she know her adventure is just about to begin……

  5. Brittney D. says:

    Isabella is an independent, stubborn young woman. She used to be the belle of the ball born into a wealthy family from Louisville, Kentucky. She had a forbidden love with a poor watchman’s son, which led to an accident leaving her heart broken and half death. Determined not live without her, the poor boy used the skills he knew best, time. Having woken all alone after the accident expect for a letter from her lover and box, she sets out to find him once again. She wears a well-worn navy blue full skirted corset gown with a petite jacket. Around her neck she wears a handcrafted natural brass watch necklace that has an embossed cover and accompanying it is a specially designed key that unlocks the door to her heart. Now with more determination then ever she leaves her hometown behind following his trail of cog-wheels and gears hoping she will find him before the time on her heart runs out.

  6. Andrea says:

    As Meribird could feel the warmth of the sun touching her skin and the soft breeze blowing in from the east, she lifted her face in the same direction. She knew her special one was east and in her mind Tennessee was still in the winds that were gently blowing her remaining whisps in her messy up pulled hair. She quietly smiled thinking of memories and could fell her loose olive colored shirt hugging her young, but aging body. In that moment, a deeper smile came to her lips, for she could also feel the compass necklace which had been given to her that same year. That compass was a gift from the one who she held in her most secret of happiness places. On the back the words, “find the music” had been stamped and placed, hidden and was close to her heart. She pulled her arms in and with the stokes of her pale hands, she touched the words on her brass compass. Soon, she would leave behind her comforts what she knew as home, her family, and set forth to find what was unknown yet, always pulling her to….the the east, to Tennessee.

  7. KarenD says:

    Amanda Blackwell thinks of herself as a broker. That she largely brokers goods acquired on raids by airship pirates has never bothered her. She is careful to deal with a small, select group of sellers, most of whom allow her to keep items such as bracelets, rings and other portable objects as part of her fee for negotiating the sale of their bulkier cargo. The inside of her jacket is lined with small pockets, which contain cameo brooches, pearl necklaces, charm bracelets & the like. Amanda, in turn,sells them to her buyers as presents for their ladies.

    Amanda waits for her next client in her favorite restaurant. No one takes much notice of the middle aged woman, dressed in a simple black cotton skirt, crisp white shirt & black jacket. She’s taken to wearing a black and silver corset over her shirt, as is the current fashion among the younger set. The shock it produces among her peers is amusing. For meetings such as this, she also wears a leather bracer on her left arm, which holds what might be described as a mechanized abacus. This allows her to make quick and accurate tallies when negotiating with her buyers.

  8. A. Marie says:

    Emily Fontaine, a woman on a mission, could never express her fashion desires to the neighborhood designers. A mop haired ragamuffin by day, she turned into a debutante of sparkle at night thanks to the Sandman’s kiss! An imaginative inventor, she stole a few grains of sand and added them to a concocted pair of ear baubles meant to capture her dreams via the magic of steam photography! Each image forever kissed with color onto the facets of quartz droplets given to her by her neighbor A. Marie, out-of-the-box creator extraordinaire! Images in hand, her dreams were brought to life! Corsets woven from the stems of tulips, her skirts the dawn kissed petals of the flowers themselves. Intricate pipes of copper laced with spider webs criss-crossed her torso to capture moisture from the air, delivering life giving droplets to each individual stem. Sleeves, boots, and hair were all banded with braided hoops filled with various hair tipped brushes and thimbles of dye captured from the petals that adorned her. Jewel encrusted insects danced upon her skin, their mechanized bodies flitted to others in town, misting them with the magical steam so that their dreams could become reality as well.

  9. Amoreena is the de facto constable in this burned out town, mostly because no one would dare challenge her. She strides around in petticoats, but the few privy to her secrets know she has riding breeches underneath should she have to swiftly take action. What would occasion that? Don’t prey upon a weaker being, or you’ll find out. And it won’t be pretty. Unlike her jewelry – layers of chain adorned with various keys. What do they unlock? There are also flashes of sparkling beads in the necklaces, gemstones and crystals not seen since former days when the town thrived. How did she come to save them? If you look closely, her eyes tell you she is concocting a plan. She watches other townspeople to suss out who might have the qualities she needs on her team to execute her aim. Can she save the town and bring it back to its former glory? Does she mean to? Whispers swirl around her as others debate her goals, her past, her future. So many unanswered questions…a woman of strength and mystery. Dangerous? You decide.

  10. Alice says:

    June is in her thirties. She married her first love, Vincent, who supports whatever ideas in her mind. She has a lovely son who is 3 years old and just entered kindergarten. She works for a world renowned IT company with good salary. Everything sounds right and perfect. Until one day, she quits her job and plans for a trip from the bottom of America up to the North Pole. “This is a trip for myself,” June said to Vincent, “and I shall discover a true me and start a new page of living when I am back!” She reads history, books & watches many movies that involve the places she is going to visit. June is tough, decisive & self-centered. Meanwhile, she is also beloved & lucky. She dyes her hair into orange before she leaves. A pair of old jeans & a pair of short, a few long & short sleeves T-shirts, a thick coat and some books made her luggage. She loves antique style jewelry, especially those with histories. To her, jewelry could be more than accessories. It can be a treasure that tells stories & dreams of oneself…

  11. maneki says:

    As she stood in the penumbra by her workbench, ready to leave for the day, she paused and, gazing out through the window at the gaslit streets of Piter, concluded in her mind: “yes, I’m happy”. Her job in the little automata workshop was fun, creative and challenging; everything she wished for and more. She worked in the middle of a buzzing city, brimming with optimism and a fascination for the modern steam- and clockwork-powered wonders of the world. “I’m indeed blessed”, she thought while opening the workbench drawer, pulling out her little velvet purse. With work finished, she once again adorned herself with the jewellery she put aside while working. It wasn’t much as she wasn’t one for luxury and jewels, but it did include her one treasure: A pendant watch featuring a moving and singing bird made by her master. At some point she had begun adding little charms to the necklace chain. Like a diary, each charm or bead told the story of a special event to anyone who could decipher the code. She touched the white pearl dangle and rolled it between her fingers: luckily, she was the only one who could read the journal entries.

  12. Adrienne says:

    Marie has a dreams of being a world traveler, visiting exotic and foreign lands. Unfortunately the demands of her family’s farm keep her close to home. Young, well-brought up girls like her just don’t do that sort of thing. Her late teens were on the horizon so it is expected that a young gentleman will come calling on her soon with the promise of marriage. While not tending to her duties and chores she would find her escape in literature and poetry. She could not escape the desire to go beyond the confines of the farm, how could she? Her grandmother had left her a daily remind before she pass many years ago. It was the bracelet she wore on her right arm, that glistened in the sunlight as she worked, magnifying that one word…dream. Her grandmother believed in the beauty of dreams and passed that belief on to Marie. The bracelet had seen much, once gold was now faded and scratched. The freshwater pearls and opal stones were beginning to fall out. Yes, she could have taken off while she worked but then the vision might be lost. The bracelet was a constant reminder that there was something else out there. Would she pursue her dream or stay and meet the obligations expected of her?

  13. Lorraine Evans says:

    As the shipped rocked to the roaring sea, Amerida looked into a reflection of eyes of emerald green and thought of a place she once only dreamed of. A place of wonder and mysteries. Around her neck was a key. A key that held this journeys secret. Her parents were lost out in sea when she was yet a child, and were known to be villainous pirates. A story was related to Amerida by her father’s uncle,that their was a secret treasure buried in the jungle of India, but their was no proof of it being true. Amerida smiled and flashing her teeth of pearls as she thought back to the day she found her necklace had a code in the locket…a code of numbers. Latitude and longitude that is. She let down her silky raven hair with her natural loose curly locks framing her high cheek bones and placed her father’s brown leather tricorn on her head. In the inside brim of her father’s tricorn hat lays the skeleton key to open something, and Armedia has the clue to where it is, she just needs to find out…what.

  14. Allison says:

    Elizabeth Cromwell lives in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts. She is a smart and optimistic girl, but mysteriously secretive. She lives with her mother Josephina Cromwell, who tells her to make more friends and try to talk to the other children in town to cover their secret that they do…witchcraft. Even though she doesn’t fit in she goes on adventures using spells. They live in a quint, colonial mansion. Elizabeth follows the rules and sometimes has big ideas that get carried away so that her mother has to refocus her to learn spells. She loves spell practice and every lesson is a surprise. Elizabeth would wear a dark purple cotton dress down to her ankles that had lace scattered all over, the sleeves would be puffy and she would wear a purple bonnet to match. Then she will wear black stockings and plain black shoes that you tie. Elizabeth’s jewelry will be a charm bracelet that has all the charms from her witch ancestors which have been passed down to her on her birthday and which her mother collected for her over the years.

  15. Kim Gordon says:

    Abigail finished her work, straightened her workspace and headed to her apartment in downtown Tucson, Arizona. Although not common for a young woman to work at a tool and die factory, it allowed for her to improve her metal smithing skills. Once a week she could raid the scrap box for snippets of brass that she could use in her own creations…which made it all worthwhile. Tonight was special, she would wear her favorite tunic style dress in orange with the pastel aqua blue vest she had sewn herself and embellished with handmade metal beads she had designed. Brown breeches with embroidered pockets held her key ring with its collection of antique keys and charms. On a flowery silk scarf hung more metal beads and charms she had designed and created in her small workspace at home. A friend had given her a large turquoise nugget which was set in a lovely brass frame she made. Tonight there was a show at the Galleria where all the right people would be. Perhaps tonight, she hopes, will be the beginning of her career in jewelry design.

  16. Anika Harkness comes from a long line of inventive women. Women used to caring for themselves with no need for a man around. Their industriousness has earned them a reputation amongst secret societies of women as the women to go to for anything. Anika has a special talent for clockwork machines. She has created a series of automatons that care for most everything on the Harkness estate. Machines with mechanics like no other, that do the work that is required to maintain the grounds, the house and even the gardens. Anika has few friends outside of her family circle and no man in his right mind would want to be the suitor of such an odd woman! However she never lacks attention if out and about town. Her elegant yet odd style of laced pinstriped gowns mixed with leather corsets and boots, always forgetting her goggles on top of her head and her glorious golden locks always in disarray, certainly gain her much attention. No one would mistaken her for anyone but a Harkness! All the women in the family are discernible for the clockwork pendant around their necks…a strange and odd looking winged machine. What secrets Anika could tell…

  17. maneki says:

    (Um, yes, I realized today that my story lacked the “how they are dressed part”. What can I say? I’m more interested in jewellery than clothes. And apparently I’m also rubbish at remembering detailed contest rules. *lol*)

  18. Marina L. says:

    The shop opened on the road with a small window , full of all sorts of curiosities , extravagant objects , rarity by collectors. A dark young man , wearing a velvet cinnamon jacket, came to the door of the shop and announced to the crowded onlookers the time of closing. It had two large dark eyes and jet-black curls: Seamus was the shop owner , that he had inherited from his adoptive father. Closed the door , Seamus went to the back of the shop, where he had his laboratory : he wasn’t in fact a simple seller of curiosity , but a brilliant creator of unique objects , able from time to time to adapt a knife to a stick walk, to turn a bracelet by inserting a vial to contain an elixir . But that night Seamus was working on a different project, a jewel to give to a special woman , to enclose the essence of his love: on his table was taking shape a necklace : the gears of a clock created a frame around a filigree heart, two wings of finely crafted metal opened to embrace the neck, and a key hanged from the heart.

  19. Judy Brick says:

    My father, Hugo Smith, always told me, “Caroline, you have to have the right tool for the right job.” I loved watching him at work when I was a little girl. He was a metalsmith, and made everything from horseshoes to church bells in our country village. In the evenings, my mother would make fanciful drawings of elaborate armor, helmets and chain maille, and Dad would bring her creations to life. These were sold to wealthy collectors near and far. When I was around 12, he made me a little set of hammers with designs on the ends and showed me how to smash them onto metal to make images. He then took these pieces of metal and attached them onto helmets and breastplates, using a variety of tools and different types of metal. I went in a slightly different direction as I grew older, creating beautiful hats, headpieces and ceremonial garments decorated with my own metal designs – hearts, keys, cogs, gears and oddments. My designs are now very popular, and are seen all over Victorian England. My two daughters work with me in our successful business and love it as much as I do.

  20. Bregeon Florence says:

    Hello, I’m French but I try my luck … I hope the translation is correct ..

  21. Bregeon Florence says:

    Cabot Cove, it is midnight.
    Aida goes under the roof of the attic. She was fourteen. Orphan recently. She must now live with her godmother, the Orphina magician feared by all the inhabitants of the city. She sees the moon. She grabs the Northern Cross shining hanging on an old nail. Her sweet taffeta ‘s dress shining in the moonlight. His white fur is lined’s cape of moon’s filaments. She feels that her strapless begin to vibrate in order to prevail in this world of light and magic. His precious garment is its shell, its protective strength that will allow him to escape from his earthly prison, to travel the distance that separates it from the dream world. She knows it is inhabited by his parents’ heart, she wants to find and believes in the power of imagination.
    His jewels, precious ‘stones, it was their last gift.
    Thanks to them she will get through the night to win the light.
    To become a star among stars.
    The night is a friend, the will is a carriage, his precious stones are its’ horses of fire.

  22. Peg Rounds says:

    Everyone knew when Octavia Evangeline walked into a room. She was the most beautiful woman any man had seen and every woman envied her. Today as she entered the old Wild West Saloon, she wore a brown tailed gentleman’s coat which carried gadgets that helped her in her travels. One pocket contained several maps of places she had been. She made her way over to a table as her followers filed in behind her. She removed the coat to reveal a Victorian style black lace corset and skirt trimmed in red. On her head was perched a top hat which bore her goggles, various gears and locks. Around her waist was a belt made up of keys, many of which may have fit the locks. No one knew much about Octavia or her travels which shrouded her in secrecy. As I sat watching her, I noticed she continued to check to see if the necklace she was wearing was still there. It was an odd necklace of brass charms including a charm representing endless passage, possibly into other worlds. One charm she kept lightly touching, a scarab but what does it mean? Why does it seem especially important to Octavia?

  23. Pam S says:

    Philomena, a 20-something spinster, shivered in her tiny New York flat. In the winter freeze, she dreaded the walk to her job as an account clerk at Zebulon Ironworks. But each day she covered her Edwardian skirt and thin mutton- sleeved blouse with a tattered wool coat and trudged through the sooty morning darkness. At the end of each day she secretly rummaged through the foundry’s scrap bins, picking out small pieces to slip into her drawstring bag. On her way home she sifted the rummage behind the garment factories, collecting tiny slivers of leather and silk. Back at the flat, she sewed and tinkered and dreamed in the dim gaslight late into the evenings. Then one February morning she slipped into her boots and trousers, tightened her leather bodice and strapped on her goggles. She climbed the narrow staircase to the roof. An ornate iron chair, attached to enormous iron-framed silk wings gleamed in front of her. She harnessed herself in, pulled the cord to start the attached engine, and the whirring sound of turning gears filled the air. Philomena flew off to warmer climes in her glorious flying machine, never to be seen in New York again.

  24. A nne VanLoon says:

    Henrietta Swire is just 16 and she loves spending her days tinkering in her brothers workshop despite her mother’s insistence that she focus on her social prospects. Etta would much rather wear comfortable smocks than the restrictive and expensive gowns that society expects-and she has been known to borrow her older brother James’ trousers when working on large projects. Fancy clothes would only get dirty or in the way! Her favorite accessory is a miniature tool kit that fits into her handbag. It belonged to her father, who disappeared on what should have been a routine skyship tour to the Americas. A hidden compartment in his pocketwatch will reveal a mystery that prompts Etta to take a journey in her father’s footsteps, but will she avoid the same mysterious fate? And will that fate be worse than being forced to wear a corset and act “properly”?

  25. A nne VanLoon says:

    I forgot Etta’s jewelry! She keeps things very simple, her father’s pocket watch and a necklace with a few charms. Nothing too fancy for a young girl or that would get in the way while she worked on a project.

  26. Anne Marie Fowler says:

    Never settling anywhere for long, Selma Marcheford travels by vardo. Stylish, she always wears a chocolate velvet billycock festooned with a brass hat bracelet embellished with sets of gears and gear spokes that are connected via energy paths that match the Earth’s grid. The hat bracelet matches her wrist bracelet, which is ornamented with three charms that represent her life: an ancient urn to learn from the past, a spiral endless passage for her journey toward the future, and a compass star to give her direction. She has an Eastern dragon tattooed on her ribcage and a line of poetry: “It is the dragon queen whose fire scorches the earth at daybreak.” Her orchid top is laden with numerous chains and charms that herald her family’s Andalusian history. She also wears a maroon velvet skirt as the subtext of her earthiness. It is topped by a satchel belt with bronze bustle attached. Along her right arm, she wears a half gauntlet replete with a revolver on top and a handkerchief tucked underneath to remind her to act like a lady. And she always wears her aviators. A woman’s heart carries so many secrets and they can shine from the eyes.

  27. Amanda Pohlman says:

    Meet Eddie Sprocket, an extraordinary explorer. He is a native to a city tucked into the side of a mountain named Chute de Pierre, or nicknamed The Airborne City. It’s a magnificent place surrounded by clouds. Sprocket was a tinkerer, and at a young age he built his hot air balloon powered by fans. After a house fire that took his family, he set out to explore. He wears a cap and goggles to protect his eyes. When he’s not donning goggles, thin wired spectacles sit upon his nose. He wears a simple cotton shirt with khaki pants and black boots, but upon his waist is where all the gadgets are. His belt has pockets and keeps his maps safe. There’s a machete on his side right next to the locket of his beloved sister. There is a small magnifying glass that hangs from a shiny golden chain, a hawk feather, and a small clock that doesn’t work. Around his neck is a compass his father gave him. Some say that he’s just running from his past. He just smiles and says, “There are whole worlds out there for me to explore, and if you’d like, I’ll take you along.”

  28. Jen Purple says:

    They had finally made camp along the banks of the river Thames, and just in time. Matta had fallen in the water nearly an hour ago. She was cold and soaking wet. Dusk had begun to weave through the woodland bring with it the cool of the night. Matta sat close to the fire trying to dry the layers of her skirting. Her well-worn thinning boots did little to keep her feet warm and dry. The oversized wool coat she wore hung heavily on her thin body. The coat had belonged to her beloved grandfather, he was a watchmaker. She loved to sit with him as he worked, making watches, and tellings stories of a life she could only imagine. Matta reached in the coat pocket and pulled out the few cogs and watch pieces she had taken from her grandfathers workbench; she could almost hear the soft “tick, tick, tick”. She broke off a piece of her boot lace and sliped it through the holes of the watch pieces, tied a knot, and pulled it over her head. Her parents were Gypsies and they had to leave in a hurry without saying goodbye, it was time to move on. Maybe by spring they could return.

  29. Wanda Delaney says:

    From the time she was little, Mina Sawyer loved to take things apart and put them back together with even more gadgets. At age ten, she had modified her old carriage and created an automaton that was powered by a wind up key. The carriage had caused more than one fright ambling it’s way alone down the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Mina was tall, with long chesnut hair that tumbled down her back in errant waves and was held with combs that she had fashioned out of parts harvested from old pocket watches. She had also crafted a tinker’s belt out of leather, which she carried all her tools and gadgets in.

    Mina’s latest project was retooling one of her father’s old pistols. She stepped back to study her creation, there was no resemblance to the crude pistol. What lay before her was a sleek weapon powered by an intricate clockwork system and painted a sparkling copper. She smiled, there was only one last component needed; but how could she convince eccentric Doc Baxter into giving her some of the aether he kept stashed in his tinker shop? It was time to convince the doctor that he needed an apprentice.

  30. Christy Lowe says:

    Last summer my phone rang and it was my dear friend Harriett, the person who talked me in from moving from my home in Hawaii to a remote place in Alaska. She taught me how to survive in a harsh environment. How to deal with unhappy and unfriendly people and most of all, how to protect myself from the BEAR population. As I listened to her, I heard her scream, “there are 3 bears on the porch and no guys around to shoot them. I gained my composure, said”Harriett get the gun and go to the safest room.” She said there are no safe rooms, remember Fred built the house(her husband). Hmmmm! I said call the Troopers. Her reply was I can’t we feed our friendly Moose( very wrong thing to do)…I said so you are going to get eaten because I can’t call the troopers. She then said” I’ll be alright…i said in return, no you won’t because you feed the feral cats, cat food, which is on the porch and also illegal…I said Harriett everything is illegal. I want you to release the safety on the gun and get in the bathroom. Her reply “where’s the safety?…”Long story short her son came home saved her and I’m moving back to Hawaii…true story. She by far is the funniest person I have ever met. She is 84 years old and still full of beans…

  31. Christy Lowe says:

    Forgot to add, “She always where’s gold nugget jewlry…Looking at her you would never guess she could get herself in so much trouble.

  32. Christy Lowe says:

    whoops sp. JEWELRY

  33. Melissa Hamilton says:

    SinClaire St.James was rummaging in the attic trying to find an old photo album to remember happier times she sees a trunk that she can not recall seeing before her natural curiosity takes over its full of papers with sketches dogeared maps scribbled notes on it ,a little box she opens it in in she sees a necklace a sapphire hued chunk of crystal with clocks pieces and gears a key hanging from the end it’s enchanting she puts on it it starts to move she’s transformed from ordinary girl one she doesn’t recognized in the dusty oval mirror one wearing hat with a rose brass chains googles on top,a corset of brass fastings tied with lace ,a long skirt of red apple coloured velvet with a pocket watch hanging she knows this watch it was her father’s in this moment she knows she needs to follow the maps to discover why her family had been in hiding since his disappearance .

  34. Nuala M says:

    Hattie Mettalwoode waited for her drink at the Old Cog bar. She dressed for the occasion in heavy grey military jodhpurs with the single red stripe from the top of her black calf high jack boots, to the tight waist wrapped by inter-meshed brass cogs that linked as an S clip in titanium. Her jacket flared from her hips to wide shoulder pads mounted with gold epaulets engraved with her family crest of a spinning atom and electron against a confederate flag. The padded jacket, an anemic purple, offset the confederate grey of the trousers. A cream blouse with printed circuit designs peaked from the thin lapels of the jacket and a leather choker hung with a pearl the size of a tear drop against her pale throat. On her head, a flying helmet with gold tinted goggles suppressed the wild red curls of her should length hair. Pale foundation cream smoothed her sharp cheek bones and lit the red lip gloss like a cherry on ice cream. The whole collected image framed her in the bar like a character from a future already old with retro-fashion and total mechanical cool.

  35. Heather Castillo says:

    Ronnie Jones has a secret. Ever since her beloved Grannie passed away and left her beautiful bronze locket she always wore she has been able to manipulate people’s actions. To say the least it has made her life in rural Ohio very interesting. The boy Aleks that she has had a crush on since the 3rd Grade has asked her out, her parents have stopped asking her to bring up her grades and her boss at the grocery has given her a raise! She wants to use her newfound power for good, but is having a hard time controlling it. With the new powers has also come bad consequences, she is learning for every selfish thing she does, someone she loves pays the price. She needs to try to get ahold of these powers before someone really gets hurt!

  36. Rachel Dougherty says:

    To the awkward, and shy Wesley Orion it was eleven o’clock going into the year 2000, in rural Medina, Ohio. The last thing Wes remembers he was at a “party” with parents.
    Wesley found himself sitting in an alley way not sure of how he got there, his pants were ripped his head throbbed. He frantically goes through his vest quickly skimming each pocket looking for his pocket watch. He checks his breast pocket one last time, it is there. He calming takes it out to check the date and time. It is November 19th 2074. And inside the watch it now says

    “Find me.
    The Key keeper.”

    The key keeper, just so happens to be Ms. Anna Grace, a sophisticated heiress in the New World Order. He has to learn to be like everyone else if he ever wants to make it home. Which for Wes will not be an easy task.

    ( I would make Wesley a Key “finder” necklace to get her attention, it would look antique because he was from a different time, and this would start their relationship)

  37. Leilani Olsen says:

    She began gaining consciousness as she lay face up in the sand, the warm sun filtering through her closed eyelids, reluctantly calling them to open. Warm tropical water blossomed her hair out as the waves came in, creating the illusion of a light brown octopus, mimicking the bronze and amber broach that she wore around her neck attached to a sepia brown velvet ribbon. Her chest was freed of the corset that she normally wore, which made her feel naked, though she was clothed in a long white cotton blouse and black hose. The memory of the tempest of the night before was returning to her consciousness as she slowly opened her eyes. Her cheek felt gritty with the sand, and she brushed it away as she turned to her side and rose up on her elbow. Who am I? Miranda, echoed in her mind. Where am I? She saw a glint of metal and looked to the brush near the edge of the beach. She sat up and rubbed her eyes to focus them, and saw that it was a mechanical child, “Hello,” it said, “I’m Ariel, welcome traveler.”

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