Shop our Closeout section & SAVE!

Out with the old to make room for the NEW! Take a look at our Closeout items at to buy these items & much more while supplies last! Including natural brass, artisan copper & arte metal; charms, embellishments, pendants, altered blanks, decorivets, bead caps, findings, sampler packs & bezel sheets…

Incorporate these pieces into your jewelry & craft projects, add some Patina for a customized effect!

Click project photo(s) within the product descriptions to see inspirational designs like this bracelet, Painted Wings by Jess Italia Lincoln, in our Idea Gallery!

Happy Shopping & Designing!

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2 Responses to Shop our Closeout section & SAVE!

  1. Stuart says:

    Some great bits and bobs here, Love the fact you can make it totally unique with a bit of patina.

  2. Marilyn Reitz says:

    I took classes last July from Jess and loved every minute of it. But when I returned home I let life and other things get in my way!
    I would love another class so I could refresh my memory for the techniques.
    I am an in person type learner but will look at the videos too.
    Thanks for the beautiful work!!!!!!

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