Global Village Giveaway ~ Vintaj & Beadaholique!

vil·lage [vil-ij]
1. a small community or group of houses in a rural area, larger than a hamlet and usually smaller than a town, and sometimes (as in parts of the U.S.) incorporated as a municipality.
2. the inhabitants of such a community collectively.
3. a group of animal dwellings resembling a village: a gopher village. adjective
4. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a village: village life.

You are part of our beady village and we appreciate you all! We want to hear about your village…who keeps you going and inspires your jewelry making? Do you participate in forums on websites like Jewelry Making Daily? Is your village online or do you get together with friends in your community?
To enter our Global Village giveaway, inspired by the colors, textures and variety in the Vintaj embellishments, beads & supplies from Beadaholique … Give your village a shoutout and share their first names in the comments of this post. If you want to share any blogs, websites or bead shops where you meet feel free! We can network our villages and maybe find something new!

My friends from the office inspire me every day – Jess, Jeanne, Wendy, Mackie & Rose! Our creative sessions at the studio are the best!

*If you are new to our blog, we may have to moderate your comment. Don’t worry, it may not show up right away, we’ll make sure comments that fit the contest rules are accepted! The deadline is Friday, Monday May 5, 2014 at midnight CT. The winner will be announced on Thursday, May 8 2014.

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68 Responses to Global Village Giveaway ~ Vintaj & Beadaholique!

  1. emily says:

    I’ve been making jewelry for nearly 7 years now and am only recently feeling like part of a “village” community. My friend Josie ( and I have similar styles and like to get together to create. My online friends are always inspiring and encouraging me. I’m part of several Etsy teams and friends like Shannon (baruchslullaby), Erika (onesmallstory), Kelly (kellybermudez) frequently create treasuries featuring me and others. Shout-out to my Insta friends who daily inspire me – Emilie (@simplyemw), Ines (@fragrancesoflife), Hannah (@imhannahnicole), Kaitlin (@poesyross), and soo many others.

  2. Stephanie Harrington-Shirk says:

    My Beading Village Friends and Family Members are SUPER SUPPORTIVE- Thanks! Karen, Paddy, Karen E, Kimm E, Jamie, And Gary!

  3. Debbie Hampton says:

    My cousins Karen and Lori and I attend local craft shows selling our jewelry creations “Just Bead Cuz”. We work with different mediums but have the same esthetics so our jewelry is very cohesive. My biggest inspiration is my daughter Alexa even though we are separated by 650 miles since she is away at college she still inspires my creativity. I follow the Art Jewelry Elements blog, it inspires my love of metals, glass, leather, and polymer clay.

  4. Marie L. says:

    My biggest supporters are Sue,Betty, Koelyn, Christi, John, and Amanda, my daughter (kind of). My daughter says everything looks the same, but it doesn’t. My favorite local shop is Reno Bead Shop. They really don’t have room to sit and bead but they are the best. We have another shop where you can relax and converse, but it just isn’t the same as Reno Bead Shop. I love my beading time!

  5. valarie lewis says:

    my village is my online friends Cyreathea, Karen, Preston, and Jill. Jill is the chain maille gal, and everyone else does wire and beads. We’re a fun group!

  6. Carla Ochrin says:

    I’m not in a “village” .. But my daughter Marissa is my inspiration, her toys and collectables, the clothing she wears, and her attitude etc.

  7. Tomsk is my native city and it’s about 500 000 citizens.
    But I think it’s a big village :-D
    I meet many jewerly makers on our local forum.
    And so it happened that we got acquainted in real life.
    We make cooperative purchases in e-shops.
    Olga is the main critic of my works. We seems a good cop and bad cop and we both like beadweaving ^__^
    Anna works on custom. And she consult us in difficult situations. She is beadweaver too.
    She is specializing on wire wrap with gemstones and brass.
    Ksenia can mix different materials: wool, polymer clay, epoxy, findings, glass beads etc and make wonderful and crazy things.
    Marina is the oldest and the most skilled jewelry maker in our company.
    And it’s so cool to ask my village friends: “Hey! Does anybody have Swarovski 14 mm green rivoli? Maybe a peridot…”
    A friend in need is a friend indeed :-)

  8. Adlinah says:

    I’m constantly inspired and motivated by my colleague and fellow jewellery maker Maybeline, and the wonderful group of beaders and artisans who people the Bead Soup Cafe group on facebook started by the amazing and lovely Lori Anderson who organises the Bead Soup Blog Party each year.

  9. Getting together with the women who are part of the Swift Current Makers weekly, let’s me compare ideas for colour schemes and new ideas for my passion for working with seed beads to create jewelry that appeals to everyone.
    Our group includes Polymer clay artist, Elaine.. Doll maker using felt and paper clay, Laurie.. Wire crochet Mastermind, Cindy.. Water colour flower and landscape painter, Marg.. Alpaca owner and knitting expert who also paints, Hedi.. Rug hooker, Mia.. Zen Tangle artist, Laurel.. Multi media creator, Pam.. and many others who join our group whenever they are able.
    Sometimes there may be two or three participants and other times there are twelve or more.
    Everyone brings what they love doing and contributes ideas and constructive critiques to help make our projects the best they can be.
    Wonderful group of creative minds and hands that meets once a week to share a love of ‘Making’.

  10. Pamela G. says:

    I was the victim of a very violent crime which has left me disabled. Prior to being disabled, I led a full and active life. I was having a lot of trouble with depression and really struggling with having a purpose for living. I used to bead when I was younger and decided to get my beads out. As I began beading, I would go on line and see what other people were doing. In the past year, I have met some of the most incredible people who have helped me, inspired me and kept me going. As I live on a very limited income, I have had many people send me their destash, and have been able to really grow in my work. I’m making earrings, bracelets and necklaces that I never thought I would be able to do.

    When my disability makes it very hard to work, my new and wonderful friends help keep my spirits up.

    I look forward to meeting many more wonderful people, and in the future being able to share what people have taught me to other disabled artists and anyone who liked what I do!

    Get busy living, or get busy dying,,,a quote from the movie The Shawshank Redemption….I think I’m going to keep busy living!

    Thank you to everyone who has opened their heart to me.


  11. Renee Goodwin says:

    My “village” is my 2 best friends and craft buddies, Merrie and Merritt, as well as staff at my local bead store, Ornamentea, Cynthia, Ndidi, Sarah, and all the rest.

  12. Sarah Panter says:

    I am inspired by serene country life, waking up with fresh breezes, our honey bees collecting nectar and pollen in newly opened flowers. My little girls marvel at my wire wrap rings that look like birds nests and dangling hair clips with feathers dropped from our ducks and chickens. They tell me with shining smiles as I let them wear the new pieces, “Mommy, that’s beautiful!”

  13. Mei says:

    Hugs and kisses to my dearlings who inspire me – Jinnie, Kiyoko and Alanna! <3

  14. Tiffanie h says:

    I have a few crafty friends who don’t make jewelry but we enjoy getting creative.

  15. My “village” is nature, fantasy and all the beautiful things the life give me every day!

  16. Lesly-Claire Greenberg says:

    I am currently not part of a village. I buy cool stuff at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria ,Virginia.

  17. My Bead Soup Cafe folks on Facebook keep me going! Each year 450-500 jewelry designers join me for a huge blog hop (it’s actually going on right now) and I won’t bog you down with all those names, but I really have relied on Tania Spivey, Lisa Liddy, Stephanie Sersich, and oh man, too many too list! If it weren’t for these ladies, I’d have probably given up this past couple of years.

  18. Mary Morrison says:

    I started out beading in 2012, when I was given quite a stash from a friend. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Well, I just kept on stringing and it kept me calm. Since then I have progressed to wire wrapping, hammered and shaped metal, precious metal clay and I just received my first bottles of Vitaj patina.needless to say my studio (extra bedroom) is getting crowded with supplies, tools and work tables but, I wouldn’t have it any other way. By the, my last mammogram was clear. Yeeha!!! My village is made up of my friends and family who were there to help and encourage me along the way.

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