Crystal Blues Mix, (28pcs)


Premium Quality Austrian Crystal

Variety of Crystal Chatons, & Fancy Flatback Stones

  • 20mm, Bermuda Blue, Square Fancy Stone, (2pcs)
  • 20mm, Bermuda Blue, Square Fancy Stone,  (2pcs)
  • 10mm, Bermuda Blue, Square Fancy Stone, (4pcs)
  • 10x8mm, Aquamarine, Oval (4pcs)
  • 10x8mm, Light Sapphire, Oval (4pcs)
  • 10x8mm, Montana Blue, Oval (4pcs)
  • SS34, White Opal Sky Blue, Xilion Chaton, (8pcs)

 Filigree wrap, glue into settings, bead weave and incorporate these stunning limited edition crystals into your own designs!