"Lift Humanity" Bracelet, (1pc)


The "Lift Humanity" Bracelet benefits the Senegal Health Institute’s Women’s Heath Clinic.

50% of all proceeds will be donated to benefit The Senegal Health Institute, which provides dedicated access to stable health care, including safe birthing practices, and reproductive, maternal and newborn health. Its vision is for women to have a gateway to plan and enrich their future autonomy, and thus, that of their families and communities. The “Lift Humanity” piece features the African symbol meaning: Sunu Yaay Sufsi Mo Yor Sunu dun “Mother Earth Sustains all Life”

7.25 inches

    14K Gold + Sterling Silver
    To ensure longevity in your designs, each finding is plated using 3-5 mils of precious metal (HEAVY plating), with a flexible finish, designed to be shaped and formed.