Braided Fringe Necklace Kit

Create a fun fringe pendant by simply using your fingers to fray the ends of multiple sections of brown braided cotton cord. Brush on our verdigris patina to give the fringe added dimension and color. Crimp ends of cord and from a wrapped loop to crimp end and string on Flourish Petal Bead Cap for a finished look. For a beautiful layered effect, blend a combination of our verdigris, moss + jade patinas to Rosette Filigree. Glue and stack patina filigree over center of Maltese Filigree. Suspend fringe pendant to layered metals. Finish necklace with a strand of brown braided cotton cord. 

This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this necklace project, plus extra leather + findings for more designs! Check out Jess's Leather + Patina Product Feature on the blog to view our entire Bohemian Garden DIY jewelry collection.​