Crystal Web Necklace Kit

Beautifully frightening jewelry is in order for Fall! I had a blast creating this deep amethyst + copper colored spider, and you can too! Make this Autumn & Halloween-inspired design using a combination of simple wire-wrapping + filigree-wrapping techniques. Love how she sparkles and shines resting peacefully in her natural brass web of flowers ~ this amethyst Crystal rivoli is mesmerizing paired with our perennial laurel component. She sure would make as sweet brooch as well!

 With our malleable 24g wire, fasten the dapped filigree through an opening in the perennial laurel, center a stunning Crystal amethyst rivoli and gently fold-over two tabs on opposite sides to secure stone in place. Form her dainty beaded legs with wire holding Czech glass matte copper daggers and foiled-lined dark amethyst glass bugles. Wrap wire end through open tabs of filigree to make a total of 4 legs per side. Embellish center of flowers in her brass web with shimmering Crystal xilion beads with wire. Cover back side of pendant to hide wire with a whimsical spray by folding two tips of small leafy stems around edge of perennial laurel. Simply suspend this Autumn + Halloween-inspired pendant to a delicate cable chain or turn into a beautiful brooch to complete this fun seasonal conversation piece! Watch Jess's VIDEO TUTORIAL ~ Wire + Filigree Wrapped Beaded Spider VIDEO TUTORIAL to learn how easy it is to create this piece!

This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this necklace project, plus extra findings for more designs!

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