Encompass Unity Necklace Kit

Bring together simple open framed elements to create one defining focal. An beautiful patina + resin effect is the emphasis of this organic artisan necklace.   

Simply apply painters tape or clear packing tape to the back side of the little organic ring (I like to do multiple at a time so I have extras for additional jewelry pieces). Set flat on a non-stick craft sheet or wax paper surface. Prepare  ICE Resin in mixing cup. Use the stir stick or a craft stick to apply a small amount of resin to the center of organic ring. Be sure resin fills opening to the edges, but does not over pour, a thin layer is all that is needed. Use a toothpick to swirl in a small amount of moss patina, leaving some areas of the resin clear. Allow to cure overnight. Once resin has cured make a small batch of resin to adhere the small ring over the edge of hammered ring to create a layered p
This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this bracelet project, plus extra chain + findings for more designs!

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