Glistening Seaside Necklace Kit

Glistening Seaside Necklace contrasts my other pieces the most out of the Ocean Vibes collection because of its classy chic look. This piece only uses our beloved Vintaj Natural Brass for metal that nicely compliments the Crystal, the focal point, as well as the iridescent pearl and other beads. The colors in the Glistening Seaside Necklace evokes the thought of the sun's rays hitting the ocean and how that reflection glistens. The piece is all neutral tones which allows it to have a sense of harmony and peace. Glistening Seaside Necklace uses a pearl head pin that's ending has been cut to wire the pearl into the cable jump ring. The falling leaves component has a hole punched on one end, and the chain requires a bead awl to enlarge it on the ends. Everything else should be fairly straight forward. I hope you like this project!
This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this necklace, plus extra beads + components for another design!
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