Graceful Flourish Necklace Kit

Create cheerful sprouts of leather from a hand-altered natural brass rhapsody medallion. Simply transform this piece into a gorgeous tube bead and pair it with a blushing rose quartz double point. Feel loving energy radiate from this beautiful adornment! 

DESIGN TIP: Simply form medallion with the larger 8.5mm barrel of our Filigree Shaping Pliers. Place the pliers over the hole in the piece and being to slowly roll it by turning your wrist. Continue repeating that motion, as the metal overlaps hiding the hole inside the tube shape you are creating. Clip the flat end off of head pins, form a large wrapped loop using both pins together. String both open ends of the pins through rose quartz, and form a double wrapped loop on opposite end to complete your bead link. Cut leather into 6 to 8 inch sections, slightly ranging in size. Fold them through a loop in rose quartz bead link. Open a roped jump ring, use chain nose pliers to securely wrap it around the top of leather to crimp pieces in place. Slide tube bead through leather fringe, leaving larger opening at the bottom. Carefully crimp in place near the rose quartz bead to avoid moving. Connect two intertwined roped rings from top loop of bead link and add a long section of chain to complete necklace.
This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this necklace project, plus extra beads + findings for more designs!

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