Hope Bird Necklace Kit

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul" ~ Emily Dickison
Create this dreamy necklace design with a Green Girl Bird Hope Coin, with touches of patina + resin to accentuate its remarkable hand-carved details. A beautiful blend of natural brass, solid brass, copper antique and gorgeous blue lace agate give this design added dimension. 

Simply apply clay patina to the bird hope coin. Use a paper towel to remove patina from raised areas of the pendant. Reapply patina as needed until you have your desired color and effect. To create an enameled look, add a layer of ICE Resin overtop the patinaed pendant and allow to cure 24 hours before handling. Punch holes in bottom of leaf charms to incorporate as creative connectors in your necklace.

This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this necklace project, plus extra findings for more designs!

Check out Jess's Green Girl Studios - Product Feature on the blog to view more jewelry designs inspired by this theme. 

Patina + Resin supplies used to alter the color and finish of pendant are available in a separate product bundle below the necklace kit materials.