In Balance Necklace Kit

Create a statement with layers of natural brass, solid pewter and soft metallic pink leather cord, accentuated with a beautiful natural druzy stone. These organic elements give this simplistic design a sense of calm + peace. 

Add subtle texture to the solid pewter asymmetrical donut using the round end of ball pein hammer. Hammer the natural brass weathered splash pendant using the flat end of hammer. Add texture to rectangle blank and form a tube bead using our Metal Shaping Pliers. Simply clip off end of head pin, string and center the wire onto druzy bead. Bring both ends of wire up over bead and form a wrapped loop with one end. Use round nose pliers to create a coiled loop at the top to connect with a jump ring to bottom of brass pendant. Cut leather to desired length, adding an inch to loop through layered pendants. Slide tube bead over leather to rest above focal and add crimp ends, jump rings and clasp to complete your necklace. 

This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this bracelet project, plus extra chain + findings for more designs!

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