Jeweled Hourglass Necklace Kit

This beautiful silhouette showcases our lovely orchid filigree hugging a sparkling Swarovski crystal chessboard stone. Pair these pretties with the powerful healing properties of rose quartz for a stunning necklace you'll love to wear! Simply form the edges of filigree around teardrop hoop and connect pieces with jump ring. Place crystal behind hoop onto of filigree. Using chain nose pliers, gently wrap filigree around hoop, securing pieces together. Use your hands to open filigree droplet and add a hole to center with hole punch pliers. String open droplet onto head pin, add rose quartz bead and form points up around bead until snug. Add tapestry bead cap over top of filigree points and bead, form a wrapped loop and suspend from bottom of teardrop hoop. Add your desired length of chain to complete your necklace. 

This jewelry bundle includes everything you need to make this necklace project, plus extra findings for more designs!

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