B0011 - Radiant Aqua Summer Sky Bracelet - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020


Natural brass beads & findings: BC20, BD180, BD190, BD200, DP10, EP15, JR20, JR30, JR40, P123
Aqua lampwork beads nestled in-between ornate bead caps reveal a radiant glow. This continuos flow of aqua glass, touches of sky blue and layers of natural brass beads and findings is simply delightful.


Step 1: Assemble your beaded toggle clasp.
A: Using chain nose pliers, attach a 8mm jump ring to the "believe" affirmation ring, and completely close jump ring.
B:Using chain nose pliers, link together 7 of the 6mm jump rings, this will become the connector to the toggle bar.
C: With the 1 1/2" eye pin, string 2 cubes, 1 flower spacer, 1 cube, the linked section of 7 jump rings, 1 cube, 1 flower spacer and 2 cubes.
D: Pull beads snug on the eye pin.
E: Using rosary pliers, make a simple loop on the straight end of the beaded eye pin to secure beads.

Step 2: Create Beaded Strand.
A: String a crimp bead on 19 strand .015 beadalon wire, string wire through 6mm jump ring, feed wire back through crimp bead and crimp using chain nose pliers.
B: String 4 closed 6mm jump rings (as spacers), 1 sky blue flat rondelle, 4 closed 6mm jump rings, 1 ornate bead cap, 1 aqua lampwork bead, 1 ornate bead cap (bead caps will form into lampwork bead by pushing tightly together).
C: Repeat Step A, 5 times.
D: Continue by stringing 4 closed 6mm jump rings, 1 sky blue flat rondelle, 4 closed 6mm jump rings and crimp wire to a 6mm jumpring.
E: To finish, connect the ends of the beaded strand to the toggle clasp sections, using chain nose pliers completely close all jump rings.
F: Add a bird charm to bracelet using a 6mm jump ring, for that added touch!

Techniques: Wrapping, Stringing, Toggle,

Materials: Art glass, Faceted glass,

Products Used:

  • P123
  • DP100
  • BC20
  • JR20
  • DP10
  • NULL
  • NULL
  • NULL