B0028 - Pink Petal Bracelet - Designer: Guest Designer

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Pink Petal Bracelet was created by guest designer:
Karen Johnston

Inspired by the Early summer apple blossoms in the beautiful Wood River Valley of Idaho. This linked bracelet was created with handmade African Kazuri ceramic beads and an assortment of Czech glass beads and crystals; combined with hammered dangles of natural brass to give it an organic quality.

Natural brass beads & findings:
BD200- 6mm Flower Spacer Bead
CL30- 8 x 13mm Lobster Clasp
EP15- 1 1/2" Eye Pin
HP1 - 1” Head Pin
HP2- 2" Head Pin
JR20- 4.5mm Jump Ring
JR30- 6mm Jump Ring
P70- 19 x 19mm Flower Pendant

Tools & Supplies:
TS-03 - Ergonomic Rosary plier, round w/ cutter
TS-04 - Ergonomic Chain nose pliers,(2 pair)
TS-02 - Ergonomic Side cutter

Special Tools:
Chasing Hammer
Mini Horn Anvil or 2 ½” steel bench block
Small Jeweler’s Flat File
Polishing Cloth

Other materials:
22-24mm Kazuri ceramic beads
Assortment of 4mm Czech glass beads
3mm crystals

Artist Materials:
Kazuri Ceramic Beads
Available at! www.antelopebeads.com

Helpful Tips:
1: Hammering Natural Brass
Hammering Vintaj natural brass into different shapes adds another depth of creativity to your piece. You may flatten head pins, eye pins, jump rings or hook and eye clasps to add aesthetic value.
Place the brass on the anvil or block. Keeping the face of the hammer flush with the block, gently and evenly hammer the brass on both sides until you have achieved the flatness and size desired. The brass will expand and harden with hammering. Be sure to keep your fingers out of the way!

2: Removing Loops
If your design requires a single loop instead of a double loop such as the Flower Pendant or you wish to use only one connector on the Dragonfly 2-hole connector, simply clip the loop off using a side cutter. Get as close to the edge of the loop as possible. Then take a flat jeweler’s file to smooth the edge.

3: Polishing Brass
After hammering or filing natural brass you may find that you want to bring out brass highlights in certain places to blend with lighter areas. Using a polishing cloth, gently brush the surface to achieve desired highlights, you may use Maas polishing creme for the perfect luster.


Step 1: Creating the Beaded Spiral Dangle
A: Start with a 2” head pin. Clip off the head. Using round nose pliers make the start of a tiny P on the end you just clipped. Keep bending until the pliers touch the wire. Now grasp the spiral with chain nose pliers and pull the wire up a little at a time until you have a cute spiral. Bend the tail up 90 degrees so you can string a bead on it.
B: Hammer the spiral being careful not to flatten the wire that the bead will be strung on.
C: String one 4mm glass bead and finish with a simple loop.
D: To make the loop on the dangle, hold the head pin and cut approximately ¼” above the bead using the side cutters.
E: Hold the bead securely with your fingers; use the round nose pliers to grip the top of the head pin. While still holding securely, pull the head pin toward you, bending it into a 45 degree angle.
F: Continue by turning the head pin away from you until you’ve completed on full loop. Repeat this technique trying to make the loops consistent in size.
G: Using the steps above make 6 Beaded Spiral Dangles using a variety of colored glass beads.
H: Attach a 4.5 jump ring to each of the Beaded Spiral Dangles. Set aside.

Step 2: Creating the Beaded and Flower Beaded Dangles
A: You will need 14-4mm glass beads of assorted colors to make the Beaded Dangle. String one bead onto a 1” head pin and make a simple loop (see Step 1, D-F). Repeat.
B: To make the Flower Beaded Dangle, string one Flower Bead and one 3mm crystal onto a 1” head pin, make a simple loop. Repeat 5 times. The crystals can be the same or different colors.

Step 3: Creating The Ceramic Beaded Link
A: Choose 5 ceramic beads that have the same look and size. Because of the handmade quality of the beads each one is unique which makes them wonderful.
B: String one 4mm glass bead, one ceramic bead, and one 4mm glass bead onto a 1 ½” eye pin. Make a simple loop. Again, the glass beads can be similar or vary in color. Let your creativity guide you.

Step 4: Creating the Flower Charm
A: Turn the double loop Flower Pendant into a single loop Flower Pendant by clipping off one of the loops. (See Helpful Tips for finishing)

Step 5: Assembling Pink Petal Bracelet
A: Lay out all of the parts you have just made into a pleasing design.
B: Open up a 6mm jump ring and attach one ceramic beaded link, 3 dangles, one ceramic beaded link, and then 2 dangles. Close the jump ring. Repeat 4 times. The center of your bracelet is complete.

Step 6: The Finish is Everything
A: Attach a 6mm jump ring to each end. On one end attach one spiral dangle and one beaded dangle with another 6mm jump ring. On the other end attach a lobster clasp to a 6mm jump ring. The Flower Pendant, a spiral beaded dangle, a flower beaded dangle and a beaded dangle will be attached with another 6mm jump ring.
When wearing the bracelet the lobster clasp will attach to the 6mm jump ring closest to the ceramic bead and will be hidden under the Flower Pendant and dangles, giving the illusion of a continuous circle of Pink Petal Blossoms.

Note: The length of the bracelet may vary depending on the ceramic bead size. You may also use 8mm jump rings to increase the length, if desired.

Your bracelet is complete, enjoy!

"Inspiration in Every Finding"

Techniques: Stringing, Clustering,

Materials: 00, Artist Rendered Enamels, Seed beads,

Products Used:

  • DP40
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