B0121 - Cranberry Moon - Designer: Jeanne Holland

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Featured Project ~ October 2008

With a delectable palette of cranberry, olive and plum this project is sure to stimulate your senses! Layer a beautifully detailed moon charm with embossed swirls and vines for a stunning creation.

Natural brass beads & findings:
CH20- 5.5x8mm Fine Oval Chain
CL45- 24x11mm Hook
DP180- 18x19mm Moon Face Charm
HPF15- 1.5"Pearl Head Pin
JR30- 5.25mm Jump Ring
JR50- 10mm Jump Ring
F271- Deco Vines Border Filigree
P301-25mm Embossed Swirls Pendant
Y40- 16x30mm Nouveau Connector

Tools & Supplies:
Ergonomic Rosary Plier, Round with Cutter
Ergonomic Chain Nose Plier with Cutter
Filigree Bending/Bale Making Pliers
Jewelry Glue or Two Part Epoxy

Other materials:
Faceted pearls, faceted glass and New Jade.


Step 1: Create your center piece.
A: Use jewelry glue or two part epoxy to glue one moon face charm to one embossed swirls pendant; let dry.
B:Use rosary pliers to shape the deco vines border in the approximate shape of the layered pieces. Place the layered pieces into your newly created setting. Use chain nose pliers to flatten the deco vines securely around the layered pieces. Attach 5.25mm jump rings to each end of the center piece.
TIP:You may find it easier to attach the jump rings before the filigree is entirely secure.

Step 2: Curve your connectors.
A: Use a filigree bending/bale making plier to curve your Nouveau connectors in the shape of your wrist.

Step 3: Create your drops.
A: String your pearls, glass and new jade onto 1.5” pearl head pins. Use a rosary plier to form a wrapped loop on each of the drops. (See the clustering beads and charms technique.)
B: Use 5.25mm jump rings to attach your drops to the openings in your curved connectors.

Step 4: Assemble your bracelet.
A: Use 5.25mm and 10mm jump rings to attach your center piece to your curved connectors.
B: Attach your fine oval chain to your curved connectors, Hook and 10mm jump ring by opening and closing the links as you would a jump ring.

Your bracelet is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Wrapping, Linking, Clustering,

Materials: Pearls, Crystals, Art glass, Faceted glass,

Products Used:

  • P301
  • F271
  • DP180
  • CH30
  • Y40
  • NULL
  • NULL
  • NULL