B0127 - Winter's Garden Bracelet - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Featured Project ~ January 2009

Twigs and trellises snow covered and glistening with icicles bring back life to our winter gardens. Add the sparkle of Swarovski crystals, luminous clarity of rock crystal and delicate detail of filigree to your winter designs!

Natural brass beads & findings:
BC10- 7mm Filigree Bead Cap
BC160- 8mm Foliage Bead Cap
BC40- 12mm Filigree Bead Cap
BD110- 14mm Filigree Bead Wrap
CH35- 4.5 x 6.2mm Petite Etched Cable Chain
CL36- 14mm Lobster Clasp
EP1- 1” Eye Pin
F180- 25 x 33mm Fanned Trellis Filigree
HP1- 1” Head Pin
HPF15- 1 1/2” Pearl Head Pin
HP3- 3” Head Pin
JR10- 4mm Jump Ring/Spacer
JR20- 4.75mm Jump Ring
JR30- 5.25mm Jump Ring
JR40- 7.25mm Jump Ring

Tools & Supplies:
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers
Wire cutters
Filigree Bending/Bale Making Pliers

Other materials:
Rock Crystal – top-drilled stone
Swarovski crystal – clear ab 6mm bicones & 3mm rounds
Czech glass – clear 7mm faceted rondelles & 10mm round beads


Step 1: Create your focal.
A. Use chain nose pliers to open the 14mm filigree bead wrap and the petals of the 12mm filigree bead cap.
B. String the following onto a 3” head pin; 1 opened 12mm filigree bead cap, 1 opened 14mm filigree bead wrap, and 1 large top-drilled Rock Crystal bead. Slide all three pieces to the bottom of the head pin and use the remainder of the wire to tightly wrap it around the base of the rock crystal bead to secure all pieces together. (Wire will be hidden between rock crystal bead and filigree bead wrap. Cut access wire if needed.)
C. Use your fingers to mold all four petals of the filigree bead to firmly hug the rock crystal bead.
D. Using your Filigree Bending/Bale Making Pliers; create an arch in the center of 2 fanned trellis filigrees.
E. Use chain nose pliers to slightly pull out a petal of the 12mm filigree bead cap at the bottom of the beaded focal. Attach a 4.75mm jump ring to each side of the bottom of the fanned trellis filigree and through two openings of the filigree bead cap. Repeat on opposite side.

Step 2: Create your bead links & drops.
A. String a foliage bead cap and a round 10mm faceted Czech glass bead onto a 1” eye pin. Form a simple loop. Repeat to make a total of 2 drops. Set aside.
B. String a 7mm filigree bead cap and a 7mm faceted rondelle onto a 1” eye pin. Form a simple loop. Repeat to make a total of 4 drops. Set aside.
C. String a 6mm bicone crystal onto a 1” head pin. Form a simple loop. Repeat to make a total of 6 drops. Set aside.
D. String a 3mm round crystal onto a 1.5” pearl head pin. Form a wrapped loop. Repeat to make a total of 6 drops. Set aside.

Step 3: Assemble your bracelet.
A. Attach the bead cap end of the bead link to the loop of the fanned trellis filigree. Close bead link loop to secure.
B. Separate chain into 4 equal sections (approx. 1” ea). Open and attach the ends of two chain sections to the opposite loop of bead link. Close chain links to secure.
C. Use 4mm jump rings to add beaded drops throughout the chain sections.
D. Attach a 5.25mm jump ring to the opposite ends of chain sections. Attach a 7.25mm jump ring to 5.25mm jump ring and close to secure.
E. Repeat steps 3A – 3C to complete the opposite side of bracelet.
F. Finish the opposite side of chain sections by connecting the ends of chain with a 5.25mm jump ring and a 14mm lobster clasp. Close to secure.

Your bracelet is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Wrapping, Linking, Clustering,

Materials: Pearls, Crystals, Art glass, Faceted glass,

Products Used:

  • BD110
  • F180
  • CL36
  • BC160
  • CH35
  • NULL
  • NULL
  • NULL