B0148 - Inspire Bracelet - Designer: Megan Sharkey

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Inspire Bracelet step by step instructions:

1.) Start with your rectangle blank connector and place it on your steel block. Using your 3mm I letter, center in on the far left middle side of your connector. Start to hammer on top of the stamp about 3 times. (The connector will start to flatten. That is okay.)
2.) Next, using the 6mm N place it face down next to the I. Hammer the top about 3 times.
3.) Now use a 3mm S, 6mm P, 3mm I, 6mm R, 3mm E and hammer each letter in order.
4.) Your word is made. Now you need to fill it in with color. Take your Adirondack acrylic pool paint dabber and dab it all over the letters you hammered.
5.) Once it is covered with paint, take a paper towel and wipe it all off. Paint should remain in the letters and be off of your connector. You can repeat this process as much as needed.
6.) Next we want to add the star. Take your screw down hole punch and punch a hole above the letter I on the connector.
7.) Take your wire cutters and cut the top hole off of your Vintaj star charm. With your screw down hole punch, punch a hole in the star charm.
8.) Now you need your Vintaj rivet. Place the rivet through the back of your connector. Place your star on the rivet on top of the connector.
9.) Cut the rivet with your wire cutters leaving about a ¼” of the rivet sticking up through the star.
10.) Using your hammer, start to hammer the rivet until it starts to flatten and holds everything firmly in place.
11.) Next is to get your connector back in a cuff shape. Place your connector face down in the large side of the dome block. Place the shaping stick on the connector and start to hammer slightly on the stick. Move around as necessary.
12.) To connect your chain to the connector open one side of each chain link with your flat nose pliers and slide them through the end of your connector at the end of the word “inspire”. Take your flat nose pliers and close each link.
13.) On the opposite side of the chain attach a 15mm jump ring with your flat nose pliers. Slide each link through the chain.
14.) Before closing the jump ring, add your hook clasp, then close the jump ring. 15.) Your bracelet is complete! Enjoy!

Ranger Adirondack acrylic paint dabber: pool
3mm steel letter stamp set
6mm steel letter stamp set
Paper towel

Vintaj materials:
5” CH20 5.5x8mm flat oval chain
5” CH50 10mm round chain link
5” CH60 5.2x7.2mm flat oval chain
JR60 15mm jump ring
CL45 24x11mm hook
RV010 ¼” nail head rivet
P416 45x20 rectangle blank connector

Flat nose pliers
Steel block
Wire cutters

Techniques: Linking, Riveting, Stamping,

Materials: Simply Vintaj, Ink,

Products Used:

  • P416
  • DP195
  • RV010
  • TS0007
  • CH50
  • NULL
  • NULL
  • NULL