E0034 - Fuchsia Chandeliere Filigree Earrings - Designer: Jeanne Holland

by Vintaj February 06, 2020


Natural brass beads & findings: F30, ER20, HP1, JR20
Fuchsia crystal bicones.


Step 1: String onto a head pin bicone crystals

Step 2: Make the looped end of the drop
A: Trim the straight end of the head pin so that approximately ¼ inch remains above the top bead or bead cap.
B: Using your fingers, hold, securely, all the beads and bead caps onto the head pin. Use the rosary pliers to grip the straight end of the head pin. Pull the head pin toward you, bending it between 45 and 90 degrees.
C: Continue by turning the head pin away from you until you’ve completed 1 revolution of a simple loop, achieving plenty of tension on the beads and/or bead caps. Create 16 drops in total.

Step 3: Assemble your earrings
A: Using 4.5mm jump rings, attach two bead drops to each of the four lower-most openings in the filigree.
B:Using chain nose pliers, attach one 4.5mm jump ring between each set of beaded drops.
C: Using chain nose pliers, attach your earring wire to the top opening of the filigree.
D: Repeat steps A,B and C to create your second earring.

Techniques: Clustering,

Materials: Pearls, Crystals,

Products Used:

  • F30
  • ER20