N0290 - Altered Sunset - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Featured Project ~ September 2008

Be inspired by the amber glow of picturesque summer sunsets! Wrap and link Czech glass, artist rendered lamp work & crystals with layers of Vintaj chain & altered blanks.

Natural brass beads & findings:
CH10- 2 x 3.5mm Fine Ornate Chain
CL60- 21 x 9mm Swirl Clasp Set
C2H45- 19 x 17mm Flying West Bird Connector
EP1- 1” Eye Pin
F20- 20 x 20mm Square Dapt Filigree - wrap
HPF15- 1.5" Pearl Head Pin
JR20- 4.75mm Jump Ring
JR30- 5.25mm Jump Ring
JR40- 7.25mm Jump Ring
JR50- 10mm Jump Ring
JR60- 15mm Jump Ring
P291- 20mm Altered Blank – Small Square
P294- 29mm Altered Blank – Square

Tools & Supplies:
Ergonomic Rosary Plier, Round with Cutter
Ergonomic Chain Nose Plier with Cutter

Other materials:
Czech glass pressed leaf
4mm Swarovski crystal bi-cones
11mm Vintaj Czech Glass Faceted Stone - Amber
Unicorne Glass Organic Shaped Teardrop beads – www.unicornegifts.com


Step 1: Prepare your beads.
A: String 1 glass teardrop through a 7.25mm jump ring and string the other teardrop through a 10mm jump ring. Set aside.
B: String the glass leaf onto the center of your eye pin. Bring both sides of the pin above the bead; coil the straight end of the eye pin to secure. Set aside.
C: String 2 crystal bicones onto individual pearl head pins and create coiled loops. Set aside.
D: Turn in two opposite edges of the square dapt filigree to approximately the same size as the amber Czech glass stone using rosary pliers. Set the stone inside the filigree. Crimp down the same two filigree edges to secure the stone using the chain nose pliers, (leaving the remaining two edges of the filigree un-bent). Go through the two flattened edges again and re-crimp until they are symmetrical and secure. Slightly bend back the un-bent filigree edges using chain nose pliers to create a connector. Set aside.

Step 2: Create your focal.
A: String a 4.75mm jump ring through the (head end) loop of the bird connector and through the 7.25mm jump ring holding your glass teardrop.
B: Layer your bird connector & sm. square altered blank over the large blank. Attach a 4.75mm jump ring through the holes of both blanks and the (tail end) loop of the bird connector. Close jump ring to secure.
C: Using a 15mm jump ring; string your glass leaf drop, layered pendant and 1 crystal drop. Close jump ring to secure.

Step 3: Assemble your beads & chain.
A: String remaining crystal bicone to a 5.25mm jump ring and attach it to one end of the filigree wrapped Czech glass connector and to the 10mm jump ring holding the other glass teardrop. Close to secure.
B: Attach a 5.25mm jump ring through the opposite end of the 10mm jump ring with teardrop and through the 15mm jump ring holding the layered pendant. Close to secure.
C: Attach another 5.25mm jump ring through the opposite end of the glass/filigree connector and through the ring end of the swirl clasp. Close to secure.
D: Cut 27” of fine ornate chain. String the chain strand through the 15mm jump ring. Double the chain, until the ends are even. String a 5.25mm jump ring through both end links of the chain and through the swirl end of the clasp. Close to secure. (Use a metal awl to open the two end links of chain if needed).

Your necklace is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Wrapping, Linking, Clustering,

Materials: Art glass/Faceted glass, Lampwork glass,

Products Used:

  • P291
  • P294
  • CH10