N0360 - Whispered Romance Necklace - Designer: Megan Sharkey

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Featured Project ~ February 2009

Natural brass beads & findings:
BC60- 7mm Flower Bead Cap
BC50- 8mm Etruscan Bead Cap
BD180- 2mm Round Crimp Bead
BD220-3.5mm x 8mm Smooth Sauce Bead
CL60- 21x 9mm Swirl Clasp
F320- 49mm Ornate Wreath Filigree
HP1- 1" Eye Pin
HP2- 2" Head Pin
JR20- 4.75mm Jump Ring
JR30- 5.25mm Jump Ring
JR40- 7.25mm Jump Ring
JR50- 10mm Jump Ring
JR60- 15mm Jump Ring
JRD10- 9.5mm Jump Ring

Tools & Supplies:
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers
Wire cutters
Filigree Bending/Bale Making Pliers
TSBW10- 19 Strand Designer Series Bronze Bead Wire

Other materials:
Citron Nuggets
Swarovski crystal – Peridot 6mm bicones & 6mm peach AB rounds
Jade-15mm & 18mm Faceted cut Lemon Quartz
Borro Glass 15mm


Step 1: Create your focal.
A. Flatten your 8mm Etruscan bead cap with the back of your Round Nose Pliers. Take a 2” head pin and slide the flatten bead cap on the end. Next slide the Borro glass on the same headpin. With the remaining headpin, take you round nose pliers and create a finished coil.
B. Place your borro glass bead in the center of one of the 49mm filigrees. Next place the other 49mm filigree back side on the opposite side of the borro glass doming the bead. Take 8 7.25mm Jump rings and attach them to the heart shaped holes in the filigree 1 on each side. Using your flat nose plier’s squeeze the two filigrees together close to the borro bead. Making sure that the bead is secure.
C. Attach a 15mm jump ring to 2 of the 7.25mm jump rings on one side of the Filigree. On the next set of 7.25mm jump rings attach the jump ring end of the swirl clasp.

Step 2: Create your bead links.
A. Slide 1 peridot crystal on a 1” head pin. Using your round nose pliers, form a simple loop. Repeat with 1 round peach crystals and 1 citron nugget. Slide faceted lemon quartz on 1 of your 2” headpins. Form a simple loop. Set all aside.
B. Attach a 7.25mm jump ring to the 15mm jump ring that is attached to the filigree pendant. From there attach a 4.75mm jump ring to one end of the peridot loop crystal. Attach another 4.75mm jump ring to the other end. Before closing the jump ring attach 1 end of the round peach crystal. On the other end attach another 4.75mm jump ring. Before closing that jump ring attach 1 side of the citron loop. Add a 4.75mm jump ring jump ring to the opposite side. Before closing the jump ring attach 1 end of the faceted cut lemon quartz bead. Again attach a 4.75mm jump ring to the other side of the bead.

Step 3: String your necklace.
A. Take 1 end of your wire and string 1 crimp bead on it. Loop the wire around the 4.75mm jump ring that is connected to the Lemon quartz bead. String the wire end back through the crimp bead. Squeeze the crimp bead with your flat nose pliers tight. Make sure that the wire is secure and doesn’t slide through.
B. Now you can start to string your beads. First string the peridot crystal then 1 7mm flower petal bead cap, 1 pearl, and then the other 7mm flower petal bead cap. Next string your citron bead, round peach crystal, 3.5mm x 8mm smooth sauce bead, 1 jade bead, 1 9.5mm jump ring followed by 1 faceted lemon quartz bead. Continue to string your beads in a random pattern.
C. When you finish with your last bead, add 1 crimp bead to the end of the wire. Loop it through 1 4.75mm jump ring and then back through the crimp bead and the last bead that was strung. Pull lightly on the wire and move the beads close to the crimp bead. Once there is no extra room on your wire, squeeze the crimp bead tight making sure that the wire will not slide through. Cut the remaining wire close to the beads.
D. Attach a 4.75mm jump ring to the 4.75mm jump ring. Before closing the jump ring attach it to the swirl end of your clasp.

Your necklace is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Stringing,

Materials: Pearls/Crystals, Art glass/Faceted glass, Gemstones,

Products Used:

  • F320
  • BC50
  • CL60
  • JR40
  • BD220