N0381 - Autumn Flourish - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Open the petals of two Magnolia Leaf Bead Caps, hammer flat. Texture a 32mm circle Altered Blank with a double face texture hammer - Narrow Stripes.

Tips on Riveting:

Stack, layer, collage...

1. Use a screw down hole punch to create a 1.6mm hole into the pieces of metal you want to rivet together.
2. String a 1/4" rivet through the holes (if you prefer the look of a large rivet string the nail head from the front of your design, for a small rivet string the nail head from the back).
3. Turn over your piece and cut the straight end of rivet very short to approx. 1/16" above blank or metal piece.
4. Use the round end of your ball peen or chasing hammer to work around the edges and dome the rivet to cover the hole.
5. Turn the hammer over to smooth, flatten and secure the rivet.
6. Add a jump ring to complete your pendant!

Other Materials
28g Gunmetal Artistic Wire (used for wire crochet strands)

Techniques: Wire Crochet,

Materials: Pearls/Crystals,

Products Used:

  • BC180
  • TS0003
  • P295
  • TS0005
  • CN10