N0402 - Gifts of the Heart - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Featured Project - December 2009

We design creative projects with Vintaj natural brass!

Transform a filigree bead and connector into a creative setting and toggle clasp! Suspend clusters of Lucite flowers, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and a hand-blown Lampwork bead from Vintaj chain and an affirmation ring to create a lariat style necklace! The possibilities are endless!

Natural brass beads & findings:
BD70- 3mm Melon Spacer Bead
BD90- 15mm Filigree Bead - wrap
CH15- 4 x 7mm Ornate Chain
C4H10- 30 x 12mm Acorn Leaves
EP1- 1" Eye Pin
HP2- 2" Head Pin
HP1- 1" Head Pin
HPF15- 1.5" Pearl Head Pin
JR40- 7.25mm Jump Ring
P121- 23mm Affirmation Ring - LOVE
P280 – 18 x 16mm Cherished Heart

Tools & Supplies:
Rosary Pliers (round nose pliers)
Chain nose pliers (flat nose pliers)
Screw Down Hole Punch
MAAS Polishing Crème
Polishing Cloth

Other materials:
Hand-blown Lampwork Heart – www.beadaholique.com
Gold & Cranberry Pearls – www.beadaholique.com
Lucite Flower Petals – www.bellomodo.com
Swarovski Crystals
Faceted Czech Glass


Step 1: Create Cluster.
A. Place the rosary pliers in the openings of the bead’s filigree. Pull in an outward motion, repeating for each section until one of the 15mm filigree beads is entirely open, resembling the shape of a bead cap.
B. String a 2” head pin through the center hole of the opened filigree bead, lampwork heart, and a melon bead. Use your hands to form filigree to the shape of the heart, until you have a snug fit. While holding the filigree and bead in place, trim head pin if necessary and form a simple loop keeping everything secure and tightly in place.
C. String pearls, crystals, Lucite flowers, and brass beads onto 1.5” pearl head pins. Stack melon beads & crystals and pearls & Lucite flowers for some of your dangles. Make wrapped loops. Repeat until you have a variety of approximately 14 beaded dangles.
D. Separate chain into three sections – 1 ¾”, 1 ¼”, and 16”. (Set aside the 16” section for Step 3). Individually open the end links of two shorter chain sections and attach each to the affirmation ring. Close to secure.
E. Continue by opening chain links (same as you would jump rings) to attach bead dangles in a random order. Place your bead styles, sizes and shapes sporadically between the two sections of chain to create a cascading look.
F. Finish your cluster by attaching the cherished heart pendant to the end link of the shortest section of chain and the filigree wrapped glass heart pendant to the end link of the longest section of chain. Go through and be sure that all chain links are completely closed to secure your dangles.

Step 2: Creative Toggle.
A. Use a screw down hole punch to make a hole in the center of the acorn leaves connector. Simply mark the center with a black Sharpie. Use the silver handle end of the tool to make a 1.6mm hole. Unscrew handle open to place connector and line up your mark. Screw down handle all the way and unscrew to release.
B. String a 1” head pin through the front of the connector. Use your rosary pliers to form a double coiled loop on the back side to secure heap pin.
C. Use a dab of MAAS Polishing Crème or a polishing cloth to highlight the word LOVE on the affirmation ring and the detail of the acorns and leaves on the creative toggle bar.

Step 3: Assemble necklace.
A. Individually string the following beads onto 1 “eye pins. 6mm crystal (repeat once), Czech glass oval (repeat once), filigree bead (repeat once). Form a simple loop. You should have a total of 6 bead links.
B. Link the following beads together using 7.25mm jump rings in between each bead link; Czech glass oval, filigree bead, and Swarovski crystal. Repeat pattern once, you will have two similar linked sections.
C. With your first linked section, use a 7.25mm jump ring to attach the end of the Czech glass bead to the affirmation ring. Close jump ring to secure.
D. Attach 16” of chain to the crystal link at the end of the section you just attached to the affirmation ring. Continue by attaching the opposite end of chain to the Czech glass bead on the second section of bead links. (your bead linked sections will be flipped with the filigree bead lining up in the center for both sides).
E. Attach 2 links of chain to the end crystal bead link and to the loop on the back of the creative toggle bar connector. Close link to secure.
F. Feed the creative toggle bar connector through the affirmation ring as your clasp to open and close your necklace.

Your necklace is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Wrapping, Linking, Toggle, Clustering, Drilling,

Materials: Pearls/Crystals, Lampwork glass,

Products Used:

  • P280
  • BD90
  • C4H10
  • CH15
  • TS0003