N0498 - Family Tree - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Featured Project - September 2010

Inspired by our Family Tree theme, learn how to distress a hollow-back embellishment. Hammer, imprint, paint, rivet and adorn with beads & charms. The possibilities are endless!

Natural brass findings:
BC50- Etruscan Bead Cap 8mm
BC150- Hobnail Bead Cap 7mm
BD150- Trade Spacer Bead 3mm
BD170- Circle Spacer 4mm
CH110- Elongated Oval Chain - 6 x 11.5mm
DP270- Filigree Leaf Charm- 19 x 16mm
EM080- Tree - 55 x 48mm
EP1- 1 inch Eye Pin
HPF15- 1.5 inch Pearl Head Pin
HW0061- Pinwheel Washer 7.5mm
HW0062- Daisy Washer 9mm
JR20- 4.75mm Jump Ring
JR40- 7.25mm Jump Ring
JRD10- 9.5mm Etched Jump Ring
RV010- inch Nail Head Rivet
TSPW10- 20g Vintaj Bronze Wire
TSPW20- 24g Vintaj Bronze Wire

Tools & Supplies:
Rosary / round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Metal screw down hole punch
Side cutter
6mm Letter stamp set
1 lb brass hammer
Chasing hammer or riveting hammer
Steel block
Rubber block or sandbag

Other Materials:

Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers: Pitch Black - Rangerink.com

Citrine resin nugget bead - The Bead Goes On

Lucite maple leaves matte Autumn Gold topaz yellow 19mm Beadaholique.com

Czech cathedral glass 6mm topaz/gold foil bead- Beadaholique.com

Czech cathedral glass 10mm black diamond/gold foil bead- Beadaholique.com

Czech glass bead mix lot variety shapes yellow amber- Beadaholique.com

Smoky Quartz large hole rondelle 16mm- Rings & Things

Vintage glass pearls- recycled from an old necklace


Step 1: Distress Tree.
A: Place steel block on rubber block or sandbag. Place tree on steel block. Flatten the hollow-back tree using a 1 lb brass hammer.
B: Use a 6mm letter stamp set to imprint the word FAMILY.
C. Apply black acrylic paint dabbers to the surface of the tree. Use a paper towel to remove the excess paint, leaving it only in the creases to accentuate the detail in the bark.
D. Use the metal screw down hole punch to create four holes in the tree. Make one hole at the top right corner, two at the top left corner (one above the other) and one above the curve of the branch near the bottom of the tree.

Step 2: Embellish Tree.
A. String the following to a inch nail head rivet; 1 pinwheel washer, 1 flattened Etruscan bead cap. Place the rivet through the second hole at the top left corner of tree and string a daisy washer on the back side of tree.
B. Place tree right side up on the steel block. Use the side cutter to trim rivet approximately 1/16 inch above the daisy washer. Flatten rivet using a chasing hammer.
C. String a yellow amber irregular round bead onto a pearl head pin. Form a wrapped loop. Repeat once for a total of two bead drops.
D. Attach the following to a 7.25mm jump ring; yellow amber bead drop, Lucite leaf, filigree leaf. Repeat once for a total of leaf clusters. Attach one of the leaf clusters to the bottom hole in the branch of the tree. Attach the other using 4.75mm jump rings to the top left hole of the tree.

Step 3: Create Bead Strands.
A. Use eye pins to create glass pearl bead links and a 10mm Czech glass bead link.
B. Use 20g wire to create a wire-wrapped resin nugget bead link and 24g wire to create a wire-wrapped smoky quartz bead link.
C. String a topaz/gold foil Czech glass bead onto a pearl head pin. Form a wrapped loop.
D. Use an assortment of 7.25mm and 9.5mm etched jump rings to connect bead links.
E. Attach a long length of chain to ends of bead links. No clasp necessary.

Your necklace is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Linking, Clustering, Riveting, Texturing, Drilling, Painting, Imprinting,

Materials: Art glass/Faceted glass, Gemstones, Acrylic Ink,

Products Used:

  • DP270
  • EM0080
  • DP270
  • TSPW20
  • BC50
  • CH110
  • EM0080R