N0588 - Gatekeeper - Designer: Besty Kaage

by VJMco January 21, 2020

This necklace was inspired by the moment when Dorothy & her friends approach the door to the Emerald City. The filigree wrapped Etruscan Antiquity makes the perfect door. Our Embossed Keyhole is riveted to the arte metal, and a dab of green Stickles underneath the keyhole make it worthy of a door to Oz!

The creative toggle is made to look like the eye of the Gatekeeper using the Etruscan Navette, with the loop trimmed off, the Blossom Bead Cap and the Beech Leaf Fastenable to make the eyelash.

Amidst all the green pearls and glass beads from Beadaholique.com, one gold bead at the bottom represents the end of the Yellow Brick Road! The dark green beads wrapped with 16mm Filigree Bead Caps are from Hobby Lobby.

Techniques: Wrapping, Linking, Toggle, Drilling,

Materials: Pearls/Crystals, Art glass/Faceted glass,

Products Used:

  • AP0012
  • ADP0005
  • DP411
  • DR30
  • FS018
  • F420
  • DP411R