N0642 - Everett's Namesake - Designer: Rose Noble

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Inspired by a family of farmers this Rustic Barn theme was right up Rose's alley. She incorporated a variety of nature inspired elements and hammered brass into this design. Including Earthenwood Studio ceramic woodgrain lumber beads and hand stamped blanks.

Rusty reds, natural wood-grain, golden accents in reliefed brass and climbing wildflowers are reminiscent of her family barns that still stand since 1906.

Techniques: Linking,

Materials: Art glass/Faceted glass, Artist Rendered Enamels, Wood/Shell,

Products Used:

  • P0518
  • FS017
  • FS010
  • DP0010
  • JR60
  • DP0010
  • DP0010R