N0672 - Handle with Care - Designer: Besty Kaage

by VJMco January 21, 2020

I made this necklace as a sample for our Altered Journal Necklace workshop at Bead&Button 2011. I started with the Etruscan Antiquity as the back cover. I reliefed it and used a hazelnut alcohol ink to give it some depth. I drilled two holes at the top and for the next layer I textured & reliefed the arte metal rectangle blank. I used metal cutting shears to cut a strip off of a Square natural brass Blank and imprinted "Handle w/" before riveting it to the Blank below.

I formed & bent a square Altered Blank in thirds then trimed the corners at the bottom to create the embossed "envelope." A metal file took care of any rough edges. I imprinted "CARE" on the top piece before drilling more holes and hanging it from the arte metal Blank with JR20 jumprings.

I used crimp ends to attach the silk strands, it's a long necklace that can easily slip over your head!

Techniques: Riveting, Alcohol Inks, Embossing, Texturing, Drilling, Stamping, Imprinting,

Materials: Leather/Silks/Fibers, Acrylic Ink, Alcohol Ink, Ribbon,

Products Used:

  • AP0012
  • AHW0001
  • P294
  • CE20
  • JR20
  • RV0001